December 22, 2011

Insular Life PHSD Christmas Party

Gorgeous bandage dress from Studio,  nude studded pumps from Parisian, chandelier gold earrings from  Accessorize

Don't you just love our Office-ey Christmas party dresses?

How lucky can I get? I worked with gorgeous girls!ooh yeah! haha

Separated at birth? Hello there Maui or should I say Mestizay? :D

From left (top) Me and Ms. Edith- the wonderful supervisor I had the pleasure to work with and who acknowledged my "gift" for testing computer programs haha I will miss you Ma'am! CHONchon! My quirky and adorable colleague who has helped me a lot and who shared my love for anything "geeky". Henry and Bianca-- my overtime buddies and the closest people I have in my section. I shall forever miss our bondings, away, kulitan at gaguhan moments! I love you guys! Sir Peps Padilla- our senior AVP and our "tatay". Thank you for your guidance and support! Maui or Mestizay! I will miss our kikay moments!! 

Jessie is so beautiful here! My first and last "student" haha joke. Ms. Janice (middle)  our supervisor--straight from the hospital after giving birth to a beautiful baby boy! Hindi mukhang nanganak no? Hot pa rin hehe! Thank you for everything ma'am! And of course, Biang Biang!!

For some odd reason, I will miss my PHSD family. We may have had ups and downs but I sure learned a lot from you. I will miss you and I hope to see you all again soon.

These are pics from the PHSD/ Policyholder Services Division. Insular Life is a very good company and I did feel sad when I resigned. Again, the company really takes care of its employees.  Oh, in case you're wondering, I just resigned to pursue my Master's degree. Hello student life again! 

Listening to : Midnight Light by Hayley (Kaskade)
              <3:  party dresses
             =( : torn about leaving the company.


  1. Hi Millie. Where did you purchase your lovely dress?

  2. Algie Eunice: From SM department store :)

    Chonchon!! :D

  3. You look so lovely in that dress :)

  4. Hello! Millie Morales has good fashion sense, i mean great! I love your blog about fashion. If you don't mind me asking, what's the color of your hair? Bagay sayo! Haha! :)

  5. Anne! hey there! thanks for reading!! I usually dye my hair with "Ash Blonde" pero halo halo na kasi yan especially pag inaupdate ko yung roots :)

  6. Ahh ok, i love the color of your hair, haha! :) And uhm, i also love reading your travel page, feels like im also in that place, nice shots you got there (esp when you're wearing your swimsuits, weeeee!). :) Do you have Facebook?, can i add you? I'm one of your maaaaany followers :))

    (i include my fb url, just in case, hehe!) ^^


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