December 28, 2011

Hurrah for 2011!

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So far so good! I've managed to accomplish most of the "tasks" on my list this year. I've learned more about make-up, Japanese and insurance, was able to apply for a new job, save a bit (tinyyyy bit), travel around Europe and finish 2 books (hey, that's a feat for me since I'm very busy). I'm not necessarily healthier but I did sleep earlier and was able to maintain if not lose some weight. I was more independent  in a sense that I earned my own money and spent it the way I wanted, made life changing decisions, assisted my grandmother on our Eurotrip and was able to develop self discipline throughout everything.

The only thing I regret about 2011 is that I was not able to create artworks because I was too busy. I will push myself to accomplish this next year.

I was able to meet new people, gain new friends, fall in and out of love, got drunk for the first time, sang my heart out, partied with officemates and by the end of the year, pursued my Master's degree. 

2011 may have been rough but I learned a lot. I may not have grown taller but I did grow up. 


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              <3: 2011
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