December 31, 2011

Hong Kong 2009


Hong Kong has the rare distinction of being one of the overseas destinations that is often quicker to get to than driving from one point of Metro Manila to another. At one and a half hours away and four airlines flying almost every hour, it was the perfect getaway for a weekend. Summers are brutal, but the heat did little to diminish the amazing views of the harbor and Victoria Peak. From Tsim Sha Tsui to Central on Hong Kong Island, the city is teeming with life, noise, commerce and great architecture, particularly the HSBC tower. Disneyland was a highlight, fulfilling childhood dreams of seeing favorite Disney characters on the roads and in the rides.

We went there for a weekend and booked the day before the flight. With this kind of convenience, Hong Kong seems like a perfect getaway if you're tired of going to the malls.

Listening to : Bad Blood by Beck
 <3: Hong Kong            
=( : hot weather

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