November 01, 2011

Parque Espana Halloween Movie Party

Breath-taking. See those twin towers? That's where I work.

with the fun bunch lol


si ateh

muni muni

I jog there after office hours

Insular Life building, Alabang
After my Halloween party with the kiddos of Insular Life, I was invited by my closest friend at the office, Allison to Parque Espana's penthouse for a Halloween Movie Party with the "grownups". My exhaustion from the previous party was obliterated upon gazing at the scenic skyline of Alabang. The cool breeze and southern lights soothed my weary mind and were able to calm my nerves. I really have to thank Allison for this. If I were to have a best friend in our office, it would be her. We would have lunch together and actually go out once in a while. I'm very thankful to have her. She's currently in Hong Kong strutting her stuff in Disneyland. You go Allison! Haha. I hope she reads this. Good luck on your gig!

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