November 30, 2011

Love Letters Are Rare

This is a passage from a love letter I received from Mark. We've been exchanging letters for a while since we've been having problems with time difference, internet connection and scheduling. I thought this was well written and could have been from a novel. It is quite rare to receive well thought letters from men. Expressive and passionate words  carefully crafted into letters or poetry-something that the previous generations direly miss. I do long for it as much as they do. Most people these days prefer instant messaging: texting, with methods that seem to project a sense of urgency insisting a connection or instant relationship. 
Anyway, I just wanted to share Mark's eloquence. 

"But what hasn't changed is that I miss you. I crave the familiar and the stable, even if I know quite keenly we are not in the greatest position. In many ways, right now I feel like I did when we were first starting - a young boy, disoriented, reaching out for love, that may not be there or reciprocate; love that isn't completely certain or firm, with many an odds against it. A love that is complicated, yet I still reach out and brush the complexities aside, like bystanders in the way of my path in a busy crowd. A love that may not be as I envision it; that may turn out different. A love that could see me so hurt. Perhaps, a love that is just an ideal. It doesn't mean you're not certain or don't love me. I know you do. I'm just trying to describe the feeling and show there are analogies to the past that resonate with our present circumstances."

I was moved. They don't make men like this anymore.

Listening to : Gamble by Shiina Ringo
              <3: Mark
             =( : sigh


  1. I'm a stranger and I almost cried...

    1. Thank you for this comment. It made me read this again and appreciate Mark more. Thank you, again. :)


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