November 26, 2011

London's On Fire

Now I know why they called it "Big Ben" teehee

This is actually a view from the London Eye

House of Parliament

Westminster Abbey

Windsor Castle

We were not allowed to use our cameras inside the castle so I took these photos from Google,  but basically, these are the rooms we saw.

I have no idea how the hell the photographer did this but based on the angle of this pic, he was in a hurry.

Scenes and guess what I saw near the stations: my own cookie stand lol


Mark told me that he didn't like London much. He said it was a bit depressing, cold and has this dark aura. Contrary to his musings, London welcomed us with a weather in a happier disposition due to sunny skies; the cold wind however,  was not as forgiving. An hour after resting our luggage in Novotel West, we  were whisked to Windsor Castle-the queen's favorite.  According to our guide, the queen was in the castle while we were walking around since her flag was raised on top of one of the towers. Shame I didn't see her. Some of our friends saw the Queen after an event at Westminster.

I felt so bad that we were not allowed to use cameras inside and share the grandeur of the palace. My amazement did not stem from the amount spent on the treasures inside or how much gold was used on the ceilings inside. I was more enthralled by the history of every painting, furniture, garment and weapons. I was hungry for the stories behind the castle I had to spend more time in each room, much to my grandmother's annoyance. She said, she had seen many a castle before and was more impressed with the castles she visited in Russia. I didn't care. Buildings are like people with different characters, personalities and history. Nothing is ever the same.

After dinner, I went out with some Filipinos we met during the tour and indulged in the beauty of Westminster at night. Wandering outside the House of Parliament, I couldn't help but recall the scenes from "V For Vendetta" and how they blew the whole building. Now I actually feel bad for cheering when Evey bombed the magnificent structure. Golden lights from "Parliament"  reflected on the north bank of River Thames gave Westminster an ethereal glow like a thousand candles on a pond. If only I had a more cooperative and advanced camera, I would have loved to spend an  evening capturing the city.

Inside one of London Eye's ovoidal passenger capsules,  we were able to see London in a whole different perspective. It wasn't as brooding and depressing as what Mark told me, although I do understand that London is usually dark because it's almost always cloudy. That night, however, was magical. 443 ft and the city was on fire. What an awesome welcome from Europe, couldn't wait to go to our next destination.

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              <3: London
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