November 01, 2011

Insular Life Halloween Parrrteeeh

my conservative witch costume for the kids :)

The Fairy and The Witch: Jessie and I were the emcees of the party.

The guys from the Records section did an AWESOME job turning our conference room to a Horror Room!! Ammmazing job guys! Some pics of the cuties and their costumes!

Waiting for the others: Our early birds. We were still waiting for the other kiddos. Can you spot Harry Potter?
kids and their brilliant costumes. Career kung career teh!! Gavedad hanggaling!!

I'm really loving my officemate Mau  ( and his son Quinton who came as Wednesday and the burgler/Pugsley  Addams!! I think he's meant to be a burgler but Pugsley's outfit is somewhat the same so there you go! SOOOO ADORABLE!!
I was chosen to be one of the emcees with the beautiful Jessie for Insular Life's Halloween Party the day before the said celebration. I didn't expect to wear any costume so I was not able to prepare but God how I loved/missed wearing costumes. I was actually glad I was able to come up with a "conservative" witch ensemble and attend a Halloween party even if it was a bit tiring organizing kiddos with short attention spans. They were too adorable and were very eager to participate in our games, I just wanted to take pictures of each one of them! Most of the kids were very smart and were able to ace our games. Kudos to the parents/employees for their creativity and enthusiasm to make the program a success. 

It was a very different Halloween party from last year where I was at the "Cream Halloween Ball". Here are some of the pics from last year with the "Alice In Wonderland" theme. I came as a toned down/sexy Red Queen :)

With my beautiful killer: we actually spent Halloween together.

a very different scene and very different crowd ne?
I'll make sure to have a more elaborate costume next year. I damn promise that.

Listening to :  Black Balloon by The Kills
             <3: costumes!!!
             =( :  Mark missing halloween

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