November 01, 2011


I'm finding my way back to sanity, again 

Though I don't really know what 

I am gonna do when I get there "

                                                         " Take a breath and hold on tight 

Spin around one more time 

And gracefully fall back in the arms of grace "

I am looking past the shadows 

Of my mind into the truth and 

I'm trying to identify 

The voices in my head 

God, which one's you? "

" Let me feel one more time 

What it feels like to feel 

And break these calluses off me 

One more time "

                                                          "   I don't want a thing from you 

Bet you're tired of me waiting 

For the scraps to fall 

Off your table to the ground 

I just want to be here now "

" I am hanging on every word you say 
And even if you don't want to speak tonight 
That's alright, alright with me "

 " 'Cause I want nothing more than to sit 

Outside Heaven's door and listen to you breathing 

Is where I want to be "

Black maxi dress from Freeloader, H&M neckpiece from my aunt, jewelries from Sydney, Janilyn wedges

About the dress: I bought this maxi dress over a year ago and wore it only once at the mall.  

Neckpiece: I actually saw some bib necklaces like this at the mall for really cheap prices so I was surprised when my aunt bought this from H&M in HK and as a Christmas gift last year with the tag and all. I actually used this in my Vintage Kind Of Love For Chanel shoot.

Shoes: Killer wedges I tell ya! Wore these once at Visions Exhibit in Amber and did not trip the whole event but alas! I went out and almost fell 3x walking to our car. Mark had been dying to get me these shoes and would not stop until I bought them so there you go, impractical way of spending money for love.

About the song: I actually wanted to put "Almost Lover" as a title since the whole theme looks like I'm mourning or saying goodbye to someone which I actually am in the process right now. Upon reading the lyrics of "Breathing" by Lifehouse, Mark and I agreed that the content was more "beautiful" and moving.  

My first fashion shoot for November or in a long time. I've been busy blah blah and oh my Euro trip was moved to November 12  because my auntie couldn't come with us anymore. Talk about heartaches. I still can't write about a heartbreaking experience I went through thus the "all black" and brooding atmosphere of the shoot. Hopefully, I could share it on a future post.  
On a positive note, when I return to Manila after Europe, I will rest on my love's muscly arms. <3

Listening to : Breathing by Lifehouse
              <3: maxi dresses
              =( : goodbyes


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