October 02, 2011

Sporty Spice

Prada sunglasses, Adidas Firebird jacket, Supre black shorts, black studded belt from YRYS,  Nike Air Max 90

This is my fight-mode look, a kind of modern-day armor. The clothes are deadly comfortable and the shoes make you want to do some flying kicks on stupid faces. Those are real Prada sunglasses from 2008 which I found in my drawer gathering dust. Speaking of dirty closets, I've been very angry on a lot of people lately and I'm sick of lies, deception and excuses. I'm not taking crap from anyone. I'll stop crying and start doing things to make everything run smoothly. I'll stop worrying over nonsense and start focusing on what's important. I'll own up to my mistakes and stand up for my self. It's never too late to toughen up.
Then.... I'll shop pretty clothes,  go home, watch Itazura na Kiss Korean drama, Paradise Kiss, Fruits Basket and other romantic comedy animes. Yeah, that's right, I'll show them who's the boss. Hehe

Anyway, here are my top 10 tips on how to de-stress/manage your anger:
1. Breathe 3 times. Fresh air is all you need to help your blood circulate better thus relaxing you, helping you think clearer.
2. Eat chocolates. They're called "happy foods" for a reason.
3. Watch comedy: movies or your favorite sitcom. Watch feel-good anime, films, series.
4. Go out with happy people. Happy people are very infectious.
5. Get physical. Exercise. Run. Jog. Dance. Have sex. Cuddle. Anything to release that anger inside you. A good work-out in any form helps you release all your negative energy and makes you feel better about yourself.
6. Jot down your feelings. Believe me, this is better than having a regrettable word vommit.
7. Laugh. Force your self to smile. Laugh at your situation. Laugh at yourself. Don't take things too seriously.
8. Listen to other people and good music. By diverting your attention away from yourself, you're able to stop poisonous thoughts from ruining your day.
9. Delete negative people from your life. Delete them on Facebook or other social media you are connected with. Stop talking to them. They're not worth your time.
10. Pray. It's a form of meditation. Try to clear your mind and have faith that everything's going to be alright.

Listening to :  Won't Back Down by Eminem ft. Pink             
          <3: sports attire
             =( : pathetic people


  1. said like a boss. stay strong millie! :) lez date soon sexy! hehe :)

  2. Aww thank you krista! we shouuulldd gorgeouz! hehe :D

  3. Nice pics you got there Ms. Photogenic! I love it! ;)


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