September 03, 2011

Women Can't Have Too Many Shoes: SHOE COLLECTION PART 1

The start of my growing collection. We were very quiet not to let our dad see this (he was busy surfing the net). If he did see this, we would've gotten a long scolding and he would've demanded to have half of this obliterated. lol but true. :)

Mark realized that my Havaianas collection would soon be replaced by shoes one day. He was right. I bought a new one and am waiting for 2 more this week. By the way, a big thanks to my sister Margie for helping me set this up :)

Every time I buy a new pair,  I feel guilty and give some pairs to charity almost every month. I didn't realize there were still more since most of the time, they're all in boxes and cases :)

I don't really wear flats and sandals now so my sister uses them. Also, our chucks collection is... hmm.. I really don't know where they are now. My sister's friends lost some T___T

To be honest, I just started seriously collecting shoes last year (2010). It was unnecessary to buy shoes during college because there wasn't really any occasion nor time to wear them. Anyone from UP will agree that it is futile to wear shoes around the campus, and yes, even ballet flats were uncomfortable. Good ol' Havaianas comforted our weary feet with tan lines.

When I started working, my Havs became "car slippers" for driving , they were replaced by wedges, pumps and peep toes. My mother told me that whenever I get my pay, I should treat myself with a "reward" for another month of hard work. She was very determined to have us graduate on time so we could get a job, earn money, save a lot and spend on some luxuries once in a while. That was the plan. Her constant reminder was to focus and not have any children/responsibility  at an early age so we could enjoy our "pagkadalaga" until we are financially and emotionally stable. My mother carved the importance of having an ambition so that we could always move forward and have a wider perspective of what's happening in our lives today.
So far, so good.  Whenever I show my mother new shoes, she would just nod and smile or sometimes ask me to show the price tag. She would still remind me to save more and spend less.

So yeah, 2010 had been really good to me. Following my mother's advice proved to be beneficial as I am now enjoying the fruits of my labor. I'm still planning on expanding my collection provided I still have space and of course, cash. Some may say I'm wasting money but hey, I only have one life to live and more importantly, I could always use "..but I'm a girl/woman!" excuse. :)

This is a repost because the link for this post is not working :)

Anyway, here are the links of my shoe collection since 2010:

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  1. I used to wear Havs during 1st year to 2nd year but my feet started to get dark! Just like you I also went to UPLB :) And so I traded them for shoes during 3rd year. I started collecting in 2009 but I gave some away too :)

    I love your shoe collection! It has variety. Mine tends to lean towards high heels only and black and leopard.


  2. Hey Yna!

    My legs and my feet got really dark because of LB. Good thing you were able to trade your havs earlier. Haha Nasira na mga havs ko. haha

    Thanks nga pala.. I'm excited to see your shoe collection! :))
    I'm glad there's a fellow UPLB blogger around.

    See you! <3


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