September 24, 2011

Comfort Zone

Military jacket from a bazaar in Sydney but I've seen a few like this in Manila, dress from Robinson's, stockings from David Jones, Gucci sandals

black spag from Supre, Zara belt, skirt from Mink, stockings from David Jones, Gucci sandals
Sunny-autumn days are the best. The mix of cool breeze and warmth of the sun makes a perfect blanket of comfort. Sundays and a lazy vibe with a cup of hot choco. What more could you ask?

Here's a list of what comforts me:

1. thick comforters and fluffy pillows
2. Tapsilog
3. Late Night Alumni songs esp The Rest of You
4. Beaches
5. 5-star hotel rooms/ Boutique hotels
6. 1 hour bath
7. tuna, toast and BBQ sauce in the morning
8. Modern Family,  Big Bang Theory, anime
9. cuddling
10. long walks/jogging
11. a good swim
12. long sleep
13. dark chocolate
14. massage
15. cuddling my dog Mello


Listening to :  Beautiful by Late Night Alumni
              <3:  Sunny Sundays
             =( : Not being able to share a beautiful sunny day with someone

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