September 18, 2011

I Miss The Time When This Was "WORK"

I had the most awesome time last night in Malate. I went to "The Library" a comedy bar and restaurant and was able to watch "Ate Gay", "The Raging Divas" and so on. For some odd reason, I was very relaxed as I let crass humor entertain me. As I gazed at the drag queens, oblivious to their banters, I was immersed with musings on the hardships of survival, earning money and becoming independent. I'm not quite sure if the performers were enjoying their acts but it sure beats having an 8AM-7PM work where you abhor the people you work with and the job itself. Comedians and actors may have long hours but at least I know some of them wouldn't want it any other way. Which brings me to these pictures above--the memories when "these" used to be my "work". I absolutely loved every minute of it. Working on a film may be stressful but it's the kind of stress that you embrace. We may have filmed from 6AM-3AM but I really, really did not mind because I was having so much fun with what I was blessed to have been doing. 

I was the make up artist/actress/everything else and it was a position I would not trade for a higher income in a company that would deprive me of my time and creativity. I'd rather have more time than money. Money can never buy me lost quality time with family, friends and loved ones. I'd rather be able to express my self freely than be trapped in other people's small minded ceilings and idiosyncrasies.  Or so I thought... Eventually, the pressures of stability and what my family perceived as a "real job" got the best of me and I hated it. I hated myself for it but I had to face the hard truth that I, as the rest of the world, needed a stable job. The only consolation I got was that I had the privilege to move forward any time and find the right career that I would love without thinking about any responsibility like a child or feeding my family for survival. My family does not ask anything from me and I spend my salary selfishly. It's a blessing I know and I'm glad about the choices I made before that led me to have more choices now. I'm still in search of the 'right' job/path--not the perfect one, but something that would feel right like a good pair of shoes. Once I have found it, I will keep it, treasure it and be the best at it but for now, I will let crass humor entertain me and keep me sane. A positive attitude/laughter is always a good start.

Listening to : Heart In A Cage by The Strokes
              <3:  comedy bars and sweet guys
              =( : I think you already know from this post hahaha

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