September 10, 2011

Fuck The Police

Forever 21 lace top, Zara TRF denim shorts, thrifted vest which I looove, spike necklace from the Ramp, Chain necklace from Sydney, rings and bangles from everywhere, chain belt from Zara, brown studded ankle boots from Japan

My girl friend actually did this pose when cops started flashing their lights. She played the "I'm-so-busted-I'm-a-minor" role pretty well, we still tease her about it.  Funny thing was, she's not even a minor. Hahaha pretentious much?

spike necklace from the Ramp, Chain necklace from Sydney, rings and bangles from everywhere, chain belt from Zara,

In the mornings, the shorts look really cool.

These boots are sooooooooo comfortable! 
Cuff me if you dare. I swear these rings will come in handy one fine ass kickin' day.

It was very spontaneous. We didn't really plan on going on a road trip at 9PM but we did. It was a cool rainy Friday night and if you've known me for a while, my Friday nights have been adding spice to the humdrums of the office. It's not that we didn't have work the next day, hell no--I work on Saturdays. It was more of an impulse, the rush of engaging in a situation where consequences seemed irrelevant.

I was too tired to drive. I wake up every 6AM, naturally, I'm sleepy by 9PM. So I let one of my guy friends drive my car. This guy speaks like a drunken old man but has the guts of a teenager. He didn't have a license but we were already on the high way and I was exhausted. Everyone was savoring the escape. It was fun. The boys perceived themselves as "thugs" and had imaginary AK-47s as our driver honked police cars proclaiming "FUCK D' POWLEES!!" or "DEYM COPS!!" emulating black 'gangstahs'. We, the driver's audience, bursted laughing shooting at the police.

Next Friday, as if fulfilling a premonition, our little group encountered some sort of blundering 'sting' operation. We were parked beside a gas station. My driver and his lady got busy in front while I literally slept with a friend at the back. And when I need my shut-eye, it's to hell with the world; just ask a half naked Mark with all his glorious abs sashaying in front of me and yet I still fell asleep staring at him after a hard day at the office. Imagine my exhaustion from work that I didn't really give a rat's ass that people were making out in front of me or that the cops pulled over and flashed their spotlight on us. Around 5 police officers surrounded my car thinking we were all doing the nasty. They got the shock of their life when they saw me sleeping or was pretending to sleep since their sirens were making a scene no thanks to their theatrics. I felt embarrassed FOR them. I wanted to tell them that if we all wanted to do inappropriate things with each other, we could all have afforded a hotel and not do it in a gas station (jeez) but hell, I was too lazy to even open my eyes.  The pigs, defeated, soon realized that they weren't gonna get anything from us and moved on. It was the sort of thing we all laughed about after and the sort of affairs I would tell my grandchildren.

For several nights, I felt young again. No responsibilities. We just did anything we wanted. I think it's good to have these experiences once in a while.I'm not proud of allowing my guy friend to drive my car without a license or that cops suspected us of having sex in public but I'd like to look back 20 years from now and not regret the things I didn't do when I was younger and had more freedom.

 For the sake of the people in my car, I will not mention their names nor show their pictures as their folks or loved ones might not approve of what I wrote. Remember, we're still kids. Careless and spontaneous. One day we'll grow up, but for now, fuck the police.

Listening to : Back To School by Deftones
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