September 04, 2011

Etude House Haul For Girls On A Budget

1. Proof 10 Eye Primer- P298 - cheapest eye primer but good quality. Doesn't last that long but hey you get what you pay for.

2. Lip and Eye Remover-P198 - I really love this product. This is a lot better than Maybelline's  make-up remover sad to say. It's cheap but it lasts long.

3. VIP Girl Dear Darling Lips OR 207- P398 - Tried it a while ago. Not that great. I thought it would be pigmented but not really. Thorough review to follow.

4. Apricot Stick Gloss #5- P198 - I'll be very honest, this smells familiar. If you have a responsible guy around and you let him smell this, I'll bet you he'll know what I'm talking about. Anyway, if you don't, I hope you'll learn it soon, it means you're a responsible kid as well :) I like this lip gloss though, it kinda holds my Tangerine lipstick together, fills in the uncolored spaces.

5.Darling Nails Matte #06-P98 - ACK! never gonna buy again! The color is nice and all but my nails look dead!

6. Free pocket mirror for every P1000  purchase. It's cute. That's all.

Went shopping a while ago and had to buy some make-up essentials like my eye primer and make up remover. I was quite curious about the Tangerine lipstick from Etude. I've been buying all sorts of lipstick recently, might have been craving for a kiss or two. Haha. 

Listening to : Ferris Wheel by Michelle Shaprow
              <3: lipsticks!
             =( : waiting 


  1. Wee love etude! I love that it's so affordable! -maui

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