August 29, 2011

Tips On How To Survive A Long Distance Relationship Or Any Relationship

Mark and I having a drink one afternoon at M Cafe. We were so tired from shopping and walking around. This is the first time I've seen him this year after 7 months of waiting. 7 months of waiting, 6 years in this situation. I'm making every second count.  Scroll down for some tips on how to survive a long distance relationship.

We call ourselves "muffin" for some odd reason. It sounds sweet although we don't eat it much.

10 Tips On How To Survive a Long Distance Relationship or Any Relationship


      -Credit for calls. Check
      -Good Internet connection. Check.
      -Facebook messaging. Check.
   Talk about parameters, rules, expectations. For example, I expect Mark to contact me at least once a day while I message him on FB. We've decided to Skype at around 7PM or whenever I get home from work. Imagine my horror when I had to do overtime until 8PM. We really had to...


     Mark's in Sydney, which is two hours ahead of my country, sometimes 3 hours ahead because of daylight savings. If I'm going to have a long conversation with him, I have to adjust and go home early so he won't sleep too late. Due to overtimes (argh) Mark waited and still talked to me even at 1AM-his time. When Mark was in Ecuador and France, we both had to adjust our time schedules, it was fucking crazy I tell you but we had to and it took a lot of...  


       I think this is self-explanatory. You cannot imagine how hard it is to be patient whenever you're down or depressed. You really have to pull yourself together and be mature about the situation even when your mind is going berserk. Thank God for...


Stay in contact at least once a day. I only get to see Mark once or twice a year but whenever he comes back or I go over to Sydney, it doesn't feel like we're apart since we made it a point to talk every single day for at least an hour. We talk about anything from the most banal, mundane to the most sensitive topics of our lives. Sad to say, I kissed my laptop this Valentine's day just to...


I would not go into detail on how we keep things interesting. Hahahah, I kid. We always swap interesting videos we find in youtube or our fave TV shows, music videos etc. We also swap websites, gossip about people from Obama to Gaddafi to perverts to psychos in the office. He talks about politics a lot since he's a law student. He talks about legislation, cases, economics while I remove my make-up or brush my teeth-feels like I'm listening to the news on a radio. I talk to him about insurance and observations to keep things light.  If we both talked about serious topics, we would die. Seriously. That's why you have to...

6. BALANCE (each other)

Since communication is the key in this relationship, there should be clarity in all aspects of conversation. When Mark is angry, I listen and try to comfort him. When I'm tired, he sends me funny videos to make me smile. When we're both exhausted, we call it a day. You really shouldn't  add to your lover's frustrations, you should try to lessen it by...


I'm not talking about expensive gifts. What I meant were the little things. Send him/her love notes once in a while. Doodle for him/her. Take pictures of meaningful objects or places with a note beside it. If you have the moolah, send flowers, perfumes, T-shirts etc. Be creative. Mark used to send me perfumes and dresses while I bought him an expensive watch when he arrived. I drove for him when he was here, treated him for dinner while he did the same. For our first year together, I made him a scrapbook for his birthday and made all his friends and family in Sydney to sign and write their message on it. He loved it. We also share music as gifts for each other. I make videos to commemorate special events for both of us. I also make sure to show drawings, new clothes, interesting items to him on skype to...


Jealousy is one of the main factors why all relationships end. To prevent that, I keep Mark updated on just about everything. It's not the best tip since you need a really strong bond and an open-minded lover to be able to tell him/her all that have been going on in your life especially a topic about another potential partner.  Believe it or not, Mark knows all the guys I dated and courted me (and then some) whilst I know his.  All you need is...


Your lover will eventually find out about your lies so better come clean. It's hard to lie to Mark, of all the billions of people in this world, Mark knows me the best. Our parents don't even know everything about us but we do. We have both seen each other's best and worst. To overcome the worst both should always stay...


Anticipate the day you will meet again. Believe your relationship can work. Entertain yourselves with hobbies. Do things together that make both of you happy.  When you do see each other, take advantage to make every second count. Be intimate. Make your lover feel special in ways you know he/she would want. Tell your lover that you love him/her. Assure him/her that everything's going to be fine and will only get better. Cuddle. Create more memories together. Take pictures. Blog about him/her like what I'm doing now. 

Hope these tips were helpful. I'm not an expert in maintaining relationships but so far, it has worked for us even if it was long distance so yeah, we're doing fine.

Listening to: Starlight by Muse
<3: Mark Orosa
=(: he's so far


  1. Very interesting. Since it is based on your experience, then it is definitely effective. Keep it up.

  2. I totally agree on this Millie! We're on the same boat. What makes it harder is we have a little offspring but we're both positive and optimistic. :)

  3. Hey Belle!! I know!! It's harder for you guys but you really have to strive for your adorable little girl. I'm happy for both of you and congrats! :D

  4. I stumbled upon your website while googling images for "ombre hair" to show to my hairstylist.

    I am currently facing the decision to move several hundreds of miles away from my boyfriend of 3 years in order to keep my career going. I have read a lot of material lately concerning long-distance relationships, but nothing made me truly believe it would work. However, a serendipitous finding of a personal account of two people with similarities to my boyfriend and I, is making me reconsider a lot of things.

    Thank you for sharing your story. I am bookmarking your blog. :)

    -Lady from Los Angeles, CA

    1. Hello there! thank you so much for your heartwarming message. I'm sorry I wasn't able to reply sooner.
      I wish you all the best in your relationship and I'm very happy that you are taking a huge risk for the advancement of your career. I will pray that your long distance relationship would last.
      You, my lady, have made my day and inspired me to write more.
      Again, many thanks. :)

  5. when is the wedding? :)

    1. hahahaha thank you! hopefully in 6 years :D

  6. I need this in my life right now. My new favorite couple blogger. <3

    <3 M

    1. Thank you so much for your comment Emily! You really made our day!! We hope to hear from you more soon! :D

  7. I've been in a LDR for years now and I agree with all your points. LDR is not for everyone but sometimes it just works, y'know.


    1. Hello Jean! Thank you for your comment. I totally agree. LDR is indeed not for everyone but I guess, we're lucky if it works for us :) Take care!


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