August 13, 2011

Get That Natural Glow: Use OATMEAL!

What can OATMEAL do?

1. It moisturizes.
        - Oatmeal has healthy fats that repair and soften your skin. It has polysaccharides- a type of carbohydrate that nourishes and protects skin from drying out even after washing.

2. It cleanses.
      -  Saponins in oatmeal is a natural cleanser . It can be used as a gentle facial scrub, mask or body scrub. It absorbs and gets rid of impurities by gentle exfoliation. It removes dead skin cells leaving skin smoother and softer.

3. It treats skin irritation.
     - Redness and  itchiness caused by cosmetic products, stress etc will lessen upon using oatmeal. It's all natural so you don't have to worry about harsh chemicals ruining your face. The milky substance calms skin, cleanses and moisturizes. It is beneficial in soothing rashes associated with poisonous plants and insect bites.

4. It's a natural barrier.
       - Oatmeal can be your first line of defense against pollutants by strengthening your skin's defenses.


1. Choose any Oatmeal you prefer. 

2. Scoop a handful oats. You may add more if you want to scrub your neck or your whole body as well.

3. Close your hand and pour water over it.  Allow the water to seep through your fingers but not too much to let the oats fall.

4. Open your palm and check whether the oats are wet. 

5. Squeeze the oats. Make sure you see the healthy milky substance.

6.  Scrub scrub scrub all over your face, neck or body.   Take note: make sure you pull your hair back because the oats can stick to your hair. Quite annoying to remove them when you're in a hurry. Also, be careful not to clog your sink with the oats. 

Wash your face and put more moisturizer if you have super dry skin or just leave it as it is. Put on your make up or any product if you wish. You will instantly feel that your face has become smoother and softer. I can promise you that. First time I used it, I was so surprised and happy with the results that I now use it everyday. 
This is a very cheap but effective way to keep your face smooth and healthy. Best of all, it's all natural so enjoy!

Listening to : Always Belong To You by Michelle Shaprow  
              <3:  OATS!!
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