August 14, 2011

Save, Spend, Splurge: Eyeliner Review

Eyeliners will always be a make-up staple for me and to be honest, I can't get out of the house without wearing one; I feel naked. It can either make or break your make up, glam up your look or give off an edgier feel to your face. Here are some of the liners I've been using so far:

I'm not sure about Maybelline's size but I found (16g) on one website. I'm also not sure about Mac's price since it was a gift from US and I usually buy it in Sydney. 

(Left to Right) SAVE: Nichido black eyeliner (1 stroke)  SPEND: Maybelline Impact Express Felt tip liner (1 stroke)  SPLURGE: Mac's waterproof liner (3 strokes)

After pouring water and rubbing several times. Nichido wore off really fast, Maybelline faded and as expected from a waterproof liner, Mac prevailed

I apologize for the bad strokes, I was in a hurry.
Nichido is very easy to use.
The liner's pigmented and easy to apply.
It doesn't  clump or anything.
Extremely cheap and lasts long.
For P60, it's a really good product to use everyday which I actually do.
Brush is very easy to use.

Sometimes it would sting. I have no idea why.
It wears off fast though.
Sometimes you have to reapply.
I heard that it melts fast on some girls

I'm still having a hard time switching from brush to felt tip since you can't manipulate the angle or tip of the brush to create very fine lines hence the crooked line on this pic.

very stylish packaging
Not too expensive
Does not wear off fast
Can be a very good starter for 1st time eye liner users

You need to layer some more if you want a really dark result.
Again, hard to manipulate since the tip is kind of thick.
Needs some getting used to.
Not that pigmented
As you can see, it was hard to keep the strokes near the lashes because of the fat tip

Looks good on pics.
Not necessarily waterproof but cry-proof yeah.
very pigmented
easy application
lasts long

It clumps very fast, like you need to heat the whole thing so the liquid stays watery or it solidifies.
When you actually swim with this liner, it stays but the color washes of to grayish blue. Not that great looking to be honest.
Needs several application sometimes

There you go. I've been asked several times to do an eyeliner review since I've been using eyeliner since forever. I'm not an eyeliner expert but I've used a lot like gel, pencil, liquid etc before settling to these three. I especially like liquid liners because they are so versatile and easy to apply since I'm used to dealing with brushes. A lot of people find it easier to use pencil liners since liquid ones need steady hands. If you want the stability of using a pencil liner but with the effect of a liquid liner, I recommend Maybelline's felt tip one. Anyway, I hope this review has been helpful. 

Listening to : Indak by Up Dharma Down
              <3:  Eyeliners
              =( : I need more time for my self.

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