August 21, 2011

Paradise Circus

Taken 2010. Originally called "A Gothic Lolita Shoot"; I have cosplayed this in an anime convention before. I'm quite addicted to "True Blood" since Mark has been pestering me to watch the god damn show and lo' I was hooked. There isn't much of a storyline but the vampires and their 'old world' sort of dealing with the afterlife--their manner and lifestyle intrigued me. The courtesies, luxurious gowns, 20s make up and the gentlemen appealed to me very much as I haven't met anyone as mature and eloquent as these vampires. Their carnal desire for pleasure, blood and grandeur, particularly Queen Sophie Anne and Lorena's may be construed as an elegant and liberating way of life, not to mention crazy. I find crazy women quite endearing. 

"Paradise Circus" is a title of my current fave Massive Attack song. I've had it in my playlist since last year. Got the hang of it after watching the stripper scene in True Blood where Bill and a stripper, his prospective meal, talked about the meaning of life. Quite a sad and moving scene actually. 

Anyway, that's a real corset, a gift from Mark, pricey but worth it.
Head piece was made by my sister even before it was in fashion in the Phils,
lace leggings from Supre,
the beautiful waterfall neckpiece is from Thailand,
accessories from everywhere, oxford shoes from New Zealand,
real porcelain doll was a gift from my mother
and some used and unused perfumes from Vera Wang, Hugo Boss, Anna Sui, Armani, YSL
and a special perfume from a very old/historical  800 year old perfume store called Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella in Florence, another gift from Mark, my eloquent vampire lol.

My muses: Queen Sophie Anne and Lorena
Queen Sophie Anne, vampire queen from True Blood

vampire Lorena, Bill's maker
Listening to: Paradise Circus by Massive Attack
<3: True Blood
=(: stress

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