August 06, 2011

Mad World

Grey Herringbone Field Jacket, Lee black jeans, Black Logo Tshirt, Rayban Wayfarers

Zara gray shirt, my sister's plaid polo, Mark's vintage leather belt, F21 scarf, Topshop faux leather leggings, Aldo leather boots,  bangles from Thailand, gray owl necklace from a bazaar in Syd (got it before it was popular in Phils. Imagine my horror when I found out they sold it cheaper here. hahaha)

June 2009-Sydney. Along Mark's street. I think we took pics either in front of his car or his neighbor's. It was very cold but the sun was out so we decided to take a stroll and head somewhere. Anyway, Mark's pic here is glorious. The shadows were intricately laid out by the decisive sunset one would think it suggests the subject as a menace--a lab experiment away from being a super villain. I, on the other hand, was not set out to be the requisite evil sidekick but rather the annoyed bystander. Even though the air was freezing, the sun was quite hot you see. It seemed we're mad and the looming facade with shadows of an autumn tree emphasized the intense aura of the picture, particularly Mark's.  I miss these days where we could just wake up at 1pm and walk around doing nothing but take pictures. Heck I miss Mark, I miss Syd and its Autums.

Listening to : Cornerstone by the Arctic Monkeys
             <3: Sydney
             =( : not being there with the Mark

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