August 30, 2011

Hurrah For Rainy Season: 5 Reasons I Stayed Warm

 1. Mark visited me for two weeks last July. We're a couple again this August. That's nice.

2. Got my UK visa and booked my Euro trip. Here's our route. Lezgo :)

3. Loving my FLIC buddies and Friday nights! <3


5. Bade Harry Potter farewell. Goodbye old friends, you will always be part of my childhood. 

As you can see, my rainy season has been very quiet. I haven't been going out since I'm saving for my Euro trip and a possible visit to Sydney this year or next. I've been working my ass off, 10 -12 hours a day, 6 days a week so yeah, a vacation would be nice. If anyone tries to ruin my plans, I will personally hire a vampire to rip that fucker's throat off (evil laugh). Bwahaha. 

Anyway, I thank God for all the blessings. I've actually been praying a lot especially while I'm driving. I really need Him now more than ever and so far, He's been good to me despite the exhausting phase of corporate life. SOMEDAY (looks up the sky with shaking raised fist)....

Listening to : You and I by Lady Gaga
              <3: Rebuild, Evangelion: 2.22
             =( : long weekend's over

August 29, 2011

Tips On How To Survive A Long Distance Relationship Or Any Relationship

Mark and I having a drink one afternoon at M Cafe. We were so tired from shopping and walking around. This is the first time I've seen him this year after 7 months of waiting. 7 months of waiting, 6 years in this situation. I'm making every second count.  Scroll down for some tips on how to survive a long distance relationship.

We call ourselves "muffin" for some odd reason. It sounds sweet although we don't eat it much.

10 Tips On How To Survive a Long Distance Relationship or Any Relationship


      -Credit for calls. Check
      -Good Internet connection. Check.
      -Facebook messaging. Check.
   Talk about parameters, rules, expectations. For example, I expect Mark to contact me at least once a day while I message him on FB. We've decided to Skype at around 7PM or whenever I get home from work. Imagine my horror when I had to do overtime until 8PM. We really had to...


     Mark's in Sydney, which is two hours ahead of my country, sometimes 3 hours ahead because of daylight savings. If I'm going to have a long conversation with him, I have to adjust and go home early so he won't sleep too late. Due to overtimes (argh) Mark waited and still talked to me even at 1AM-his time. When Mark was in Ecuador and France, we both had to adjust our time schedules, it was fucking crazy I tell you but we had to and it took a lot of...  


       I think this is self-explanatory. You cannot imagine how hard it is to be patient whenever you're down or depressed. You really have to pull yourself together and be mature about the situation even when your mind is going berserk. Thank God for...


Stay in contact at least once a day. I only get to see Mark once or twice a year but whenever he comes back or I go over to Sydney, it doesn't feel like we're apart since we made it a point to talk every single day for at least an hour. We talk about anything from the most banal, mundane to the most sensitive topics of our lives. Sad to say, I kissed my laptop this Valentine's day just to...


I would not go into detail on how we keep things interesting. Hahahah, I kid. We always swap interesting videos we find in youtube or our fave TV shows, music videos etc. We also swap websites, gossip about people from Obama to Gaddafi to perverts to psychos in the office. He talks about politics a lot since he's a law student. He talks about legislation, cases, economics while I remove my make-up or brush my teeth-feels like I'm listening to the news on a radio. I talk to him about insurance and observations to keep things light.  If we both talked about serious topics, we would die. Seriously. That's why you have to...

6. BALANCE (each other)

Since communication is the key in this relationship, there should be clarity in all aspects of conversation. When Mark is angry, I listen and try to comfort him. When I'm tired, he sends me funny videos to make me smile. When we're both exhausted, we call it a day. You really shouldn't  add to your lover's frustrations, you should try to lessen it by...


I'm not talking about expensive gifts. What I meant were the little things. Send him/her love notes once in a while. Doodle for him/her. Take pictures of meaningful objects or places with a note beside it. If you have the moolah, send flowers, perfumes, T-shirts etc. Be creative. Mark used to send me perfumes and dresses while I bought him an expensive watch when he arrived. I drove for him when he was here, treated him for dinner while he did the same. For our first year together, I made him a scrapbook for his birthday and made all his friends and family in Sydney to sign and write their message on it. He loved it. We also share music as gifts for each other. I make videos to commemorate special events for both of us. I also make sure to show drawings, new clothes, interesting items to him on skype to...


Jealousy is one of the main factors why all relationships end. To prevent that, I keep Mark updated on just about everything. It's not the best tip since you need a really strong bond and an open-minded lover to be able to tell him/her all that have been going on in your life especially a topic about another potential partner.  Believe it or not, Mark knows all the guys I dated and courted me (and then some) whilst I know his.  All you need is...


Your lover will eventually find out about your lies so better come clean. It's hard to lie to Mark, of all the billions of people in this world, Mark knows me the best. Our parents don't even know everything about us but we do. We have both seen each other's best and worst. To overcome the worst both should always stay...


Anticipate the day you will meet again. Believe your relationship can work. Entertain yourselves with hobbies. Do things together that make both of you happy.  When you do see each other, take advantage to make every second count. Be intimate. Make your lover feel special in ways you know he/she would want. Tell your lover that you love him/her. Assure him/her that everything's going to be fine and will only get better. Cuddle. Create more memories together. Take pictures. Blog about him/her like what I'm doing now. 

Hope these tips were helpful. I'm not an expert in maintaining relationships but so far, it has worked for us even if it was long distance so yeah, we're doing fine.

Listening to: Starlight by Muse
<3: Mark Orosa
=(: he's so far

August 27, 2011

August-September Mood Board

It's all about TRUE BLOOD, VAMPIRES and the sexy appeal of sheer comfort. Dominatrixes, a viking prince for a vampire, spoiled vampire queens  and sadistic women. Pam's bone-dry humor makes my day a tad bit exciting while Eric Northman resides in my dreams. If you don't know Pamela Swynford De Beaufort, (you should dummy), she's the loyal companion of Eric in her leather corset above. To better explain the love I feel for Pam, I shall post here some of my fave quotes.  

‎"I don't know what it is about me that makes people think I want to hear their problems. Maybe I smile too much, maybe I wear too much pink. But please remember, I can rip your throat out if I need to. And also know, that I am not a hooker. That was a long, long time ago." -

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Listening to : Sour Times by Portishead
               <3: TRUE BLOOD
              =( : rainy weather

August 21, 2011

Paradise Circus

Taken 2010. Originally called "A Gothic Lolita Shoot"; I have cosplayed this in an anime convention before. I'm quite addicted to "True Blood" since Mark has been pestering me to watch the god damn show and lo' I was hooked. There isn't much of a storyline but the vampires and their 'old world' sort of dealing with the afterlife--their manner and lifestyle intrigued me. The courtesies, luxurious gowns, 20s make up and the gentlemen appealed to me very much as I haven't met anyone as mature and eloquent as these vampires. Their carnal desire for pleasure, blood and grandeur, particularly Queen Sophie Anne and Lorena's may be construed as an elegant and liberating way of life, not to mention crazy. I find crazy women quite endearing. 

"Paradise Circus" is a title of my current fave Massive Attack song. I've had it in my playlist since last year. Got the hang of it after watching the stripper scene in True Blood where Bill and a stripper, his prospective meal, talked about the meaning of life. Quite a sad and moving scene actually. 

Anyway, that's a real corset, a gift from Mark, pricey but worth it.
Head piece was made by my sister even before it was in fashion in the Phils,
lace leggings from Supre,
the beautiful waterfall neckpiece is from Thailand,
accessories from everywhere, oxford shoes from New Zealand,
real porcelain doll was a gift from my mother
and some used and unused perfumes from Vera Wang, Hugo Boss, Anna Sui, Armani, YSL
and a special perfume from a very old/historical  800 year old perfume store called Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella in Florence, another gift from Mark, my eloquent vampire lol.

My muses: Queen Sophie Anne and Lorena
Queen Sophie Anne, vampire queen from True Blood

vampire Lorena, Bill's maker
Listening to: Paradise Circus by Massive Attack
<3: True Blood
=(: stress

August 20, 2011

And We're Officially Back

I'm someone's girlfriend again and I'm very happy I'm his. Finally we have a title.

August 14, 2011

Save, Spend, Splurge: Eyeliner Review

Eyeliners will always be a make-up staple for me and to be honest, I can't get out of the house without wearing one; I feel naked. It can either make or break your make up, glam up your look or give off an edgier feel to your face. Here are some of the liners I've been using so far:

I'm not sure about Maybelline's size but I found (16g) on one website. I'm also not sure about Mac's price since it was a gift from US and I usually buy it in Sydney. 

(Left to Right) SAVE: Nichido black eyeliner (1 stroke)  SPEND: Maybelline Impact Express Felt tip liner (1 stroke)  SPLURGE: Mac's waterproof liner (3 strokes)

After pouring water and rubbing several times. Nichido wore off really fast, Maybelline faded and as expected from a waterproof liner, Mac prevailed

I apologize for the bad strokes, I was in a hurry.
Nichido is very easy to use.
The liner's pigmented and easy to apply.
It doesn't  clump or anything.
Extremely cheap and lasts long.
For P60, it's a really good product to use everyday which I actually do.
Brush is very easy to use.

Sometimes it would sting. I have no idea why.
It wears off fast though.
Sometimes you have to reapply.
I heard that it melts fast on some girls

I'm still having a hard time switching from brush to felt tip since you can't manipulate the angle or tip of the brush to create very fine lines hence the crooked line on this pic.

very stylish packaging
Not too expensive
Does not wear off fast
Can be a very good starter for 1st time eye liner users

You need to layer some more if you want a really dark result.
Again, hard to manipulate since the tip is kind of thick.
Needs some getting used to.
Not that pigmented
As you can see, it was hard to keep the strokes near the lashes because of the fat tip

Looks good on pics.
Not necessarily waterproof but cry-proof yeah.
very pigmented
easy application
lasts long

It clumps very fast, like you need to heat the whole thing so the liquid stays watery or it solidifies.
When you actually swim with this liner, it stays but the color washes of to grayish blue. Not that great looking to be honest.
Needs several application sometimes

There you go. I've been asked several times to do an eyeliner review since I've been using eyeliner since forever. I'm not an eyeliner expert but I've used a lot like gel, pencil, liquid etc before settling to these three. I especially like liquid liners because they are so versatile and easy to apply since I'm used to dealing with brushes. A lot of people find it easier to use pencil liners since liquid ones need steady hands. If you want the stability of using a pencil liner but with the effect of a liquid liner, I recommend Maybelline's felt tip one. Anyway, I hope this review has been helpful. 

Listening to : Indak by Up Dharma Down
              <3:  Eyeliners
              =( : I need more time for my self.

August 13, 2011

Get That Natural Glow: Use OATMEAL!

What can OATMEAL do?

1. It moisturizes.
        - Oatmeal has healthy fats that repair and soften your skin. It has polysaccharides- a type of carbohydrate that nourishes and protects skin from drying out even after washing.

2. It cleanses.
      -  Saponins in oatmeal is a natural cleanser . It can be used as a gentle facial scrub, mask or body scrub. It absorbs and gets rid of impurities by gentle exfoliation. It removes dead skin cells leaving skin smoother and softer.

3. It treats skin irritation.
     - Redness and  itchiness caused by cosmetic products, stress etc will lessen upon using oatmeal. It's all natural so you don't have to worry about harsh chemicals ruining your face. The milky substance calms skin, cleanses and moisturizes. It is beneficial in soothing rashes associated with poisonous plants and insect bites.

4. It's a natural barrier.
       - Oatmeal can be your first line of defense against pollutants by strengthening your skin's defenses.


1. Choose any Oatmeal you prefer. 

2. Scoop a handful oats. You may add more if you want to scrub your neck or your whole body as well.

3. Close your hand and pour water over it.  Allow the water to seep through your fingers but not too much to let the oats fall.

4. Open your palm and check whether the oats are wet. 

5. Squeeze the oats. Make sure you see the healthy milky substance.

6.  Scrub scrub scrub all over your face, neck or body.   Take note: make sure you pull your hair back because the oats can stick to your hair. Quite annoying to remove them when you're in a hurry. Also, be careful not to clog your sink with the oats. 

Wash your face and put more moisturizer if you have super dry skin or just leave it as it is. Put on your make up or any product if you wish. You will instantly feel that your face has become smoother and softer. I can promise you that. First time I used it, I was so surprised and happy with the results that I now use it everyday. 
This is a very cheap but effective way to keep your face smooth and healthy. Best of all, it's all natural so enjoy!

Listening to : Always Belong To You by Michelle Shaprow  
              <3:  OATS!!
             =( : rainy days

August 11, 2011

Simple Kind Of Life

"For a long time I was in love
Not only in love, I was obsessed
With a friendship that no one else could touch
It didn't work out, I'm covered in shells"
"And all I wanted (was) the simple things
A simple kind of life
And all I needed was a simple man
So I could be a wife"

"If we met tomorrow for the very first time
Would it start all over again?
Would I try to make you mine? "

"I always thought I'd be a mom
Sometimes I wish for a mistake
The longer that I wait the more selfish that I get
You seem like you'd be a good dad"

"Now all those simple things are simply too complicated for my life
How'd I get so faithful to my freedom?
A selfish kind of life
When all I ever wanted (was) the simple things, a
 simple kind of life "

Song: Simple Kind of Life by No Doubt
Photographer: Margaret Morales
Models: Mark Orosa and Millie Morales
Hair, Make Up and Styling: Millie Morales

On Millie:  dress and red waist belt from HK, white flower hair piece from H&M, sandals from The Ramp
On Mark: Flannel/Tartan Shirt - General Pants, rolled cuff denim shorts from Lee, white plimsolls from H&M, Ipod 

This post is especially made for Ms. Kris Ramido <3 Thank you for your support and guidance ma'am!

Listening to : Simple Kind of Life by No Doubt
              <3: Mark
             =( : period cramps wahaha

August 06, 2011

Young Blood

Outfit from Forever 21 Sydney except tights are from David Jones. Taken at Joe Kiely's room. I think he moved to New York recently. Cheers mate!

Don't you just love Joe's music room? Pardon the face, I was a bit tipsy from all the wine and Thai food. The picture screams rrooocckkstaaa. hahaha So here's a playlist if you feel like bashing someone in the face, chill out and feel evil or just wanna stand on your car, flash your tits or your penis or your middle finger.

1. A Perfect Circle-Judith
2. Audioslave-Like A Stone
3. Limp Bizkit- Boiler
4. Limp Bizkit- Break Stuff
5. Deftones-Rocket Skates
6. The Strokes- Reptilia 
                                                        7. The Strokes- Heart In A Cage
8. Taking Back Sunday-Cute Without the 'E'
9.  Filth in The Beauty- The Gazette
 10.The Used- Pretty Handsome Awkward


Listening to : You've Seen The Butcher by Deftones (you gotta see the video. awesomesauce)
              <3: Rock songs
             =( : Sunday already??

Mad World

Grey Herringbone Field Jacket, Lee black jeans, Black Logo Tshirt, Rayban Wayfarers

Zara gray shirt, my sister's plaid polo, Mark's vintage leather belt, F21 scarf, Topshop faux leather leggings, Aldo leather boots,  bangles from Thailand, gray owl necklace from a bazaar in Syd (got it before it was popular in Phils. Imagine my horror when I found out they sold it cheaper here. hahaha)

June 2009-Sydney. Along Mark's street. I think we took pics either in front of his car or his neighbor's. It was very cold but the sun was out so we decided to take a stroll and head somewhere. Anyway, Mark's pic here is glorious. The shadows were intricately laid out by the decisive sunset one would think it suggests the subject as a menace--a lab experiment away from being a super villain. I, on the other hand, was not set out to be the requisite evil sidekick but rather the annoyed bystander. Even though the air was freezing, the sun was quite hot you see. It seemed we're mad and the looming facade with shadows of an autumn tree emphasized the intense aura of the picture, particularly Mark's.  I miss these days where we could just wake up at 1pm and walk around doing nothing but take pictures. Heck I miss Mark, I miss Syd and its Autums.

Listening to : Cornerstone by the Arctic Monkeys
             <3: Sydney
             =( : not being there with the Mark
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