July 16, 2011

Insular Life X Jollibee


I was lucky enough to be included in our company's ad. Out of nowhere, our supervisor called and told us to meet with our VP and AVP. We really didn't know that we'd be having a photoshoot. This ad is for a project with Jollibee and we have been testing an online program for this. We had to jump like 50x to get the perfect shot in front of our building and on top. I did this in heels with my new shoes. I was scared I'd break my ankle since it was very slippery haha! I thought it would be very windy but alas, it was bloody hot and there was no wind on top of the building. I was a bit thankful though since I was having a hard time keeping my super flowy dress from showing my insides. It was all worth it in the end. We had so much fun and I can now scratch one item in my bucket list : To be able to stand on top of a tall building on a helipad :)

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