June 19, 2011

Two Days of Laughter


Uye.. my new-found kupalan buddy <3

two people I got closest to: Lucky and Uuuuyeeeeh. hahha

and of course, our very young mentor, Ms. Allison :D

Training is always fun and when you have a job like ours, you'll crave for an escape once in a while. Our FLIC training was our best so far. We were laughing, teasing and putting each other down like long time friends for two whole days it didn't feel like studying. I met new people and have been calling and hanging with them since. After our "graduation", we decided to go to Giligan's with our mentor Ms. Allison to hang and celebrate my birthday as well.

I love how well I jive with these people and how they get me and put me down as I do to them. We're all thick-skinned and witty comments flew everywhere eliciting burps and gas from too much laughter. I actually forgot that I was hungry because I enjoyed their company too much. I wasn't even drunk and the alcohol didn't seem to have an effect on them as they were consistently jolly since training.

How I wish I could work closely with these guys but alas, we're all from different departments so I made it a habit to visit some of my friends after the eventful night. Such contrast from my quiet evening celebration with my family. I do miss this bunch and hope to have them on our next training. :)


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Listening to : Crazy For You as I have requested that night.
              <3: FLIC batchmates
             =( : more training please!

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