June 18, 2011

My Quiet Twenty Three

As usual, I spent my birthday with my family. Sunday, my grandmother invited us to have lunch with her as my initial celebration. Mind you, I was expecting an overflow of moolah since my uncles, aunt and grandma were there but oh no, I got P100 and a confused manly cake from my uncle, while I received greetings from the rest.  I tried hard to smile but secretly wished I was 10 again. Come dessert, I was ushered by my grandma for a "talk" as seen above. She asked me about my plans and I eagerly responded. Her face seemed pleased but was a bit distressed when she learned that me and Mark would be together only after two years upon completion of his law degree. My grandma cannot understand why we can't just get married in two years since we've been together for half a decade. I felt gutted after hearing that. Her logic was that, she'd rather us get married after two years than "live-in" in Sydney. Old school Catholic. I tried hard not to laugh and embraced her instead. Anyway, after dessert, I wasn't really expecting much but then my lola reminded me of my visa requirements, she was taking me to Europe with her. :)))

Monday, June 13, my family fetched me and proceeded to ATC for my birthday treat. Don't get me wrong, I treated THEM not the other way around. My wallet experienced drastic weight loss, I eyed it in my bag apologetically. It was a quiet uneventful evening. We mostly listened to my lola's stories. The night was very pleasant and like Valentine's Day I played Guitar Hero like the way Mark and I would do after dinner. I would keep on doing that routine every time I go out until my partner arrives.
Gonna wait for my bassist...until then, I'll keep on playing like we used to in my heels and  floral dress.

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Listening to : Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis
              <3: Euro-trip!
             =( : Mark not there.

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