June 05, 2011

Hurrah For Summer: 15 Summer Highlights

1. Finished Make Up Class 
Finally! I missed 2 lessons though...have to take them :) Thank you to all my patient models, classmates and instructors. I will miss you all! :)

2. Finished Japanese Lessons

3. Coron

4. Photoshoots

5. Lesbian film shoot
Thank you for the opportunity. Hope there's more to come! :)

6. Singapore Art School: Orita Sinclair School of Art & New Media

7. New phone
After 4 years, finally changed my phone. It's not that I can't afford or anything. I'm just too lazy to research and well, I keep on postponing. hihihihi I only bought this because it's pink. I'm not really into latest gadgets because I only use my phone for calls, text and sometimes music. :) 

8. New Job
LOOVE my GEOC training

9. New people & friends 

This is what we really do in the office. Be cool. lol hahahah

10. Hosted company outing
with Ms. Maru :) Really enjoyed this!

11. Finished a book
I know this may not be much of a goal but since I have no time to read and I was able to finally finish a book. I'm glad. 

12. 2nd shot of Anti-Cervical Cancer vaccine 
Our gynecologist is a family friend so she keeps us updated on the latest meds/vaccines. Must keep it healthy down there :)

13. The boys of summer
well, it's summer. 

14. Maintained my blog
even when I have work.

15. 5 years of long distance relationship
Doesn't have to be romantic. Even a long distance friendship or whatever you call this for half a decade is something to celebrate.

Listening to :  4th Avenue Cafe by L' Arc~en~Ciel
              <3: Hyde
              =( : period cramps


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