June 19, 2011

Etude House Petit Darling Lips Red Lipstick Review

Sunrise Comes Too Soon photoshoot

Choosing the right lipstick is very crucial. Not all red lipsticks are the same especially for different skin tones. If you want a good red lipstick, you should consider whether your skin is warm or cool. If your skin is warm toned, buy a red lipstick with a bit of "orangey" tint while a cool skin tone is better with "rosy", "pinkish" purplish red lippie. When sporting bold red lips make sure the rest of your face is subdued or you can go for my favorite old Hollywood glamour style with black liner, red lips and pale face akin to Ms. Monroe in our Sunrise Comes Too Soon photosoot with Mark Orosa.  For warm toned Filipinas, I recommend Etude House's Petit Darling Lips in RD102 to channel that inner superstar in you. 

Item: Etude House Petit Darling Lips (Yes, they spell "Petit" without the "e")
Price: P278, 2.8 grams. Really cheap.
Color:  RD102

- Really pigmented that I'm afraid to put too much
- Really cheap for a good red lipstick
-Comes in different colors
-easy application
-Looks good in photos
-If you want to retouch your expensive lippie like Chanel's, better use this
-very light, easy to carry
-cute girly design
-Good for people with thin lips
-has a lot of colors so you can choose depending on your skin tone
-smells nice
-RD102 is good for warm skin tone
-Since it's inexpensive, you can buy different shades

-dries fast
-it may dry lips so you may want to use lip balm afterwards
-you might want to prep your lips first-not good for dry lips
-too small for my liking so I need to buy another one
-before it used to last long, I dunno what happened so yeah, it doesn't stay as long now...1 hour tops
-not as creamy as Mac lippie
-color is a bit inconsistent but maybe it's just that I'm afraid to coat my whole lips since it's so pigmented

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