June 25, 2011

My Mel & Joey Shoot: Trip Na Nakakabad Trip

go to 3:04

Did an interview/shoot for Mel & Joey about my bad experience at the airport when I visited Mark in Sydney back in 2009. The show will be aired today June 26 at around 8PM. Thank you Andy Celes and Ms. Je for the opportunity. My story will be featured along with the women from Chuvaness.com and The Pinay Solo Backpacker. Hopefully they'll be able to feature my blog with my pics with Mark :)

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              <3: Mel & Joey
              =( : Mark's not back yet 

June 19, 2011

Etude House Petit Darling Lips Red Lipstick Review

Sunrise Comes Too Soon photoshoot

Choosing the right lipstick is very crucial. Not all red lipsticks are the same especially for different skin tones. If you want a good red lipstick, you should consider whether your skin is warm or cool. If your skin is warm toned, buy a red lipstick with a bit of "orangey" tint while a cool skin tone is better with "rosy", "pinkish" purplish red lippie. When sporting bold red lips make sure the rest of your face is subdued or you can go for my favorite old Hollywood glamour style with black liner, red lips and pale face akin to Ms. Monroe in our Sunrise Comes Too Soon photosoot with Mark Orosa.  For warm toned Filipinas, I recommend Etude House's Petit Darling Lips in RD102 to channel that inner superstar in you. 

Item: Etude House Petit Darling Lips (Yes, they spell "Petit" without the "e")
Price: P278, 2.8 grams. Really cheap.
Color:  RD102

- Really pigmented that I'm afraid to put too much
- Really cheap for a good red lipstick
-Comes in different colors
-easy application
-Looks good in photos
-If you want to retouch your expensive lippie like Chanel's, better use this
-very light, easy to carry
-cute girly design
-Good for people with thin lips
-has a lot of colors so you can choose depending on your skin tone
-smells nice
-RD102 is good for warm skin tone
-Since it's inexpensive, you can buy different shades

-dries fast
-it may dry lips so you may want to use lip balm afterwards
-you might want to prep your lips first-not good for dry lips
-too small for my liking so I need to buy another one
-before it used to last long, I dunno what happened so yeah, it doesn't stay as long now...1 hour tops
-not as creamy as Mac lippie
-color is a bit inconsistent but maybe it's just that I'm afraid to coat my whole lips since it's so pigmented

If you want to see more of the SUNRISE COMES TOO SOON SHOOT go here :)

If you want more lipstick reviews, check out:


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Twenty Three

dress from Topshop and snakeskin peeptoe from Charles and Keith

Suddenly I'm twenty three. My picture sums it all: the docile and tranquil disposition harboring a wistful face. Impatient but reserved, summoning control over an undesired situation; always eyeing a future beyond that spot--that chair, a role. Toying a pink phone, waiting for a message, an unexpected lover-the travails of youth. Much like the pictures I took from my grandmother's house, the organized chaos, the grandeur in the smallest ornaments, the beauty in the ruined and aged. The irony. It's not what it seems to be at my twenty three.


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              <3:  irony
             =( :  irony

Two Days of Laughter


Uye.. my new-found kupalan buddy <3

two people I got closest to: Lucky and Uuuuyeeeeh. hahha

and of course, our very young mentor, Ms. Allison :D

Training is always fun and when you have a job like ours, you'll crave for an escape once in a while. Our FLIC training was our best so far. We were laughing, teasing and putting each other down like long time friends for two whole days it didn't feel like studying. I met new people and have been calling and hanging with them since. After our "graduation", we decided to go to Giligan's with our mentor Ms. Allison to hang and celebrate my birthday as well.

I love how well I jive with these people and how they get me and put me down as I do to them. We're all thick-skinned and witty comments flew everywhere eliciting burps and gas from too much laughter. I actually forgot that I was hungry because I enjoyed their company too much. I wasn't even drunk and the alcohol didn't seem to have an effect on them as they were consistently jolly since training.

How I wish I could work closely with these guys but alas, we're all from different departments so I made it a habit to visit some of my friends after the eventful night. Such contrast from my quiet evening celebration with my family. I do miss this bunch and hope to have them on our next training. :)


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              <3: FLIC batchmates
             =( : more training please!

June 18, 2011

My Quiet Twenty Three

As usual, I spent my birthday with my family. Sunday, my grandmother invited us to have lunch with her as my initial celebration. Mind you, I was expecting an overflow of moolah since my uncles, aunt and grandma were there but oh no, I got P100 and a confused manly cake from my uncle, while I received greetings from the rest.  I tried hard to smile but secretly wished I was 10 again. Come dessert, I was ushered by my grandma for a "talk" as seen above. She asked me about my plans and I eagerly responded. Her face seemed pleased but was a bit distressed when she learned that me and Mark would be together only after two years upon completion of his law degree. My grandma cannot understand why we can't just get married in two years since we've been together for half a decade. I felt gutted after hearing that. Her logic was that, she'd rather us get married after two years than "live-in" in Sydney. Old school Catholic. I tried hard not to laugh and embraced her instead. Anyway, after dessert, I wasn't really expecting much but then my lola reminded me of my visa requirements, she was taking me to Europe with her. :)))

Monday, June 13, my family fetched me and proceeded to ATC for my birthday treat. Don't get me wrong, I treated THEM not the other way around. My wallet experienced drastic weight loss, I eyed it in my bag apologetically. It was a quiet uneventful evening. We mostly listened to my lola's stories. The night was very pleasant and like Valentine's Day I played Guitar Hero like the way Mark and I would do after dinner. I would keep on doing that routine every time I go out until my partner arrives.
Gonna wait for my bassist...until then, I'll keep on playing like we used to in my heels and  floral dress.

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              <3: Euro-trip!
             =( : Mark not there.

June 12, 2011

Another Day

Photographer: Margaret Morales

The beautiful sheer top is from G2000, black bandage skirt from Supre, snakeskin pumps from Charles & Keith. 
My first outfit post for the month of June.
I actually wore this at the office but with a longer black Supre skirt. So far, I bought several tops from G2000 because their smallest size (blouses) fits me so well except for the chest part. Anyway, G2000 is a great store for corporate attire. The material is immaculate and the cut is spot on.

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              <3: G2000 and this lovely top
             =( : inconsistency 

June 11, 2011

My 15-Minute Office Make Up Tutorial

So I'm at this point in my life where I have to trudge the corporate world to earn some moolah for love and well, for my future. Gone are the carefree uber thick cat-eye eyeliner days, super bleached hair, denim shorts and boots. I have to be subdued and formal in my heels and corporate ensemble. I'm assuming some of my readers or future ones would find this tutorial beneficial since I, myself have sought  for office make-up tutorials on the internet before starting my job. I hope this 15-minute office make up tutorial helps. By the way, the time on which you spend doing this make up depends on how fast you blend. Mine took 20 minutes before because I couldn't get the eyeshadow blending right so practice is key. Enjoy!

My everyday office make up kit. From left to right: Celeteque Moisturizer, Etude Eye Primer, Revlon PhotoReady foundation, Maybelline concealer, Coastal Scents 28 Neutral palette, eyelash curler, Face Shop's eyebrow pencil, Nichido eyeliner, Maybelline neutral face powder, Revlon coral lipstick. Eye and lipstick shades vary, depending on the weather and my mood.

1. First moisturize your face. Sometimes I use Garnier moisturizer with sunblock esp during summer. Moisturizing is really important because my office can get extremely cold and dries my skin. If you're picky, you can use primer to even out skin tone. I like moisturizer because it's very light.

2.  Apply foundation but not too much. I only use foundation to cover my freckles. I only apply it on my T zone : forehead,  nose, under my eyes and chin. I don't apply it all over my face, just some areas that need it. Foundation is used to even out skin tone. Choosing the right foundation that matches your skin tone is extremely important. The key is finding the right color and not trying hard to change yours. For example, I see a lot of girls wearing foundation that's too light for their skin which makes their faces produce a ghostly effect. Ask for help if you can't find your shade. Figure out whether you are WARM or COOL toned. 
Look at your veins, if your veins are slightly greenish, you have  a WARM skin tone; bluish and you have a COOL skin tone. Colors good for warm skin tone (morenas, tans, pinay/asian skin)   has a bit of orange-ish tint to them like gold, camel, sunkissed while colors for cool skin tone ( usually caucasian, white etc) include rosy pinkish, bluish tint.
3. I know some people put concealer first but I got this habit from make-up school. I only put concealer under my eyes  to hide my dark circles and open my peepers more. Concealer is used to hide imperfections like pimples and blemishes.  I only use concealer when I retouch and I do retouch a lot because I'm acidic meaning my make-up wears off super fast.

3. Set everything with loose powder or in my case pressed powder so the liquid foundation and concealer won't slip and slide off your face.  Your face should not be sticky and should be smooth to touch.

4. Put eye primer. I'm using Etude's eye primer. It acts as a "glue" or base for your eyeshadow  so the color pops out more, can be blended well and stays longer.

5. I'm using Coastal Scents 28 color neutral palette but you can use any neutral palette. I use earth tones because we really can't use loud colors in the office. Neutral/earth tones are best for corporate make up. I use a dark brown to accentuate the hollows of my eyes and wing it out to lift my eyelids as you can see in the picture. It creates a cat-eye effect and gives you an instant face-lift. Don't use colors that are too dark because the fluorescent lights cast dark shadows on your face. 

6. Now get a light/shimmery color to accentuate the lids. Apply it at the inner corner of your eyes, sweeping it until the end as you can see in the picture. This is done to open up the eyes more so you are basically contouring the eyes, making it appear larger and brighter. Then blend blend blend! I haven't blended this one so you can see the shape and the contrast of the colors.

7. Apply a thin layer of eyeliner. It can be dark brown or black. I love black liner and it looks as if it is thick but I do that because when I open my eyes, my lids overpower the line so I had to put more. Everyone knows that I've been sporting cat-eye liner style akin to Brigitte Bardot since forever. I feel naked without my eyeliner. Black liner on top of your eyes opens them up but  if you combine it with black liner under the eyes, it closes them. The lighting here is too bright so you can't see my eyeshadow much.

8. Groom your eyebrows. I use Face Shop's Lovely eyebrow pencil. Best eyebrow pencil ever!! Brush the hair to keep it in place and smudge the color evenly. Grooming your brows is extremely important because they frame your face. They either make or break your look sometimes. Must groom brows!

9. Curl your lashes, apply mascara. I use Covergirl Lashblast fushion. Really good!
10. Apply a nude or coral lip color.  Red is also acceptable as long as you keep your whole face light or with minimal make up. General rule: strong eyes-nude lip, strong lips-nude eyes but I tend to bend this a lot of times. When choosing a lip color and blush, make sure it goes well with your skin tone.  Apply  lip gloss if you want.

11. Smile and apply blush at the apples of your cheeks and voila! finished product. You should have an even complexion, clean, glowing and contoured. Simplicity is key to office make up. You have to look well-rested and professional.

I hope this tutorial helped a bit. Have a great day!

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Affordable Everyday Make Up Haul

These are all my everyday make-up. I also use some of them for photoshoots but this is my personal stash. Obviously, I don't use them all at once. As you can see, they are affordable but good quality make-up I use for the office, mall, cafe etc.

Left-Right: 1. Celeteque Moisturizer
 2. Make Up For Ever color correctors
3.Etude Eye Primer
4. The Face Shop's Face it HD Perfect BB Cream
5. Make Up For Ever Face & Body foundation
6. Revlon PhotoReady foundation
7.  Maybelline Angel Lift Concealer
8. Nichido eyelash curler
9. Covergirl lashblast fusion mascara
10. Nichido liquid eyeliner
11. Faceshop's Lovely eyebrow pencil
12.  Mary Kay eyebrow pencil
13. Mac blush on
14. Face Shop's lovely blush on
15. Maybelline lipstick
16. Revlon lipstick
17. Etude lipstick
18. Revlon lipstick
19. Nivea lip balm 

21. Coastal Scents neutral palette
22. Maybelline face powder
23. brush set

My 5-minute make up kit for running errands or just going out somewhere. From Left to Right: The Face Shop's Face it HD Perfect BB Cream,  Faceshop's Lovely eyebrow pencil, Nichido eyeliner, Etude red lipstick, Maybelline face powder

Retouch Kit: blush, lip balm, concealer and powder

I highly recommend these products if you want affordable everyday make-up you can buy at your local drugstore or nearest mall.  I don't put all of it on my face because I hate the whole "too much make up" feeling. They just look a lot because I use some of them depending on my skin condition. For example, I use Make Up For Ever's color correctors when I break out or I lack sleep and I need to hide dark circles etc. I use eyeshadow for work  and for special occasions but not when I go out to run some errands. Anyway, this collection changes because I keep on trying new products so yeah. Enjoy!

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              <3: Angus and Julia Stone
              =( : stress from work

June 09, 2011

Rainy Day Mood Board

I'm currently  trying to channel these effortlessly sexy women with Megan Fox, Penelope Cruz and Miranda Kerr as my muses. Dark eyes, brown hair, red/nude lips, sheer tops,sexy red/nude pumps, pretty dresses-sums up my rainy day.

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              <3: Big Jet Plane by Angus and Julia Stone
             =( : stomach problems
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