May 01, 2011

Vintage Treasures

My grandmother's nude vintage custom-made cropped trench-like cover-up (try saying that 5 times!), nude Mango singlet, Kirin Kirin high waist bow shorts, Charles & Keith pumps (really comfy!) random bag, my mother's blue stoned bracelets, gold bracelet from New Zealand and gold bangles from YRYS 

My grandmother just came back from New Zealand after a few months of vacation. She wanted to have lunch with us--our usual Sunday lunch. While the elders talked downstairs, me and my sister made it a habit to go up to my grandmother's room and watch TV. I decided to divert my attention from my usual Animal Planet-Discovery Channel marathon to my lola's closet. I scavenged her huge closet for vintage pieces and I was so ecstatic to find tons of treasures. One of the nicest pieces I was able spot was this gorgeous nude cropped trench-like cover-up. It was in perfect condition and the material is immaculate. One thing interesting about my grandmother is that most, if not all her clothes are custom-made. She rarely buys clothes and has designers and seamstresses to make beautiful clothes for her , this nude treasure is one of them. I'm quite sure I will never find anything like it although this design is now popular in Topshop and Zara. It's actually paired with nude flowy pants which I really adore. Some other finds included vintage lace tops and floral silk cover ups-all custom made. My lola was very thin before so most of her vintage clothes fit me well. Lucky! Apart from pretty clothes, she also gave us some jewelry from New Zealand and an out-of-country trip promise for me. I don't want to expect anything but I will definitely keep my fingers crossed and pray really hard that it pushes through. For now, I shall return to my quiet, uneventful office life and hope for the best. These little vintage pieces really made my day, but the best part is, my lola's back and is proud that I have a "proper" job so I could save for our trip. :)

Listening to :  Like A Star cover by Tao Aves
              <3: My grandmother is the beeeessttt!!! <3
             =( : homeworks - ___ -

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