May 14, 2011

Leather Weather.. Not

Terranova  leather blazer, random black shirt,  F21 denim shorts, studded belt and pumps fromYRYS, necklace from The Ramp
I have encountered a lot of ups and downs accompanied by extreme emotions and adjustments these past 2 months hence the lack of posts. I apologize. My new work in the corporate world has been a challenge so far. The venue is perfect and as an artist I really appreciate the gorgeous architecture, yet from the interiors of the high marble walls and glass windows, I stare longingly outside like a bird in a beautifully carved cage. Every time I go to our pantry to fill my tumbler with cold water, I look at the melancholic scenery.  I miss traveling and I can't wait to save up.  I was suddenly thrown into a situation where every second counts, every pair of shoes you wear is scrutinized and individuality is suppressed for the betterment of the company. I understand this. I'm actually proud to be part of my new company and I am impressed that we are organized. I also love that most people are warm and friendly, well not all. Although I am developing a sense of discipline and most importantly, routine, there is a part of me that is unsatisfied. I am a free spirit and as such, I feel threatened when restrained especially when it comes to self expression in the form of my make-up and clothing. Any artist would say that wearing conservative corporate clothes would kill the shit out of our creativity especially in a conservative Catholic country. Oh Lord.   Anyway, to compensate, I decided to focus my energy and attention to studying and absorbing this new craft. I am glad I'm learning a lot and can't wait to finish my training so I can be more productive.

Aside from new friends, new work, new knowledge, I decided to start dating again after 6 months. My date gave me unwanted stomach problems caused by "tingles of romantic anticipation" aka "kilig" and I lost 4 lbs because every time I ate, I wanted to throw up. Ahh.. infatuation works every time. Really. I obviously told Mark about this and he just laughed and told me he was happy for me. I guess he's too busy will all his essays and exams that he thinks it's for the best if we're both happy. He's understanding like that. Oh Mark, please finish your law degree asap.  Well, the kilig moment is over and I am praying I don't gain what I lost since I really don't get to exercise because I'm always tired from driving.  The weather is not helping either.  It confuses my body and my health. Look at my routine:

my bedroom=aircon=cold
walk to my car=really hot
walking (parking lot to building)=hot
building=freaking cold
walk back to my car=freaking hot

I mean, what the fuck global warming?  This whole scenario is kinda like my date to be honest. He's hot and then cold (insert Katy's song here) therefore I decided to stop. It' not meant to be. Too bad he was too cute and appears to have no pores. The power of Asian skin. hahaha. I can't take undecided people rivaling an undecided weather where I thought I could finally wear my hot leather blazer for the icy temperature at the office but well.......... not.

Listening to :  Hot & Cold by Katy Perry
             <3:  new phone
             =( : arggghhhh

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