May 24, 2011

Someone Like Him: Daniel's Shoot

Photography: Christine Day Lorico 

Make Up/Styling: Millie Morales
Model: HyoJung Jang 
(Daniel Jang Twitter :!/DanielJ7751) 

Since I started working from 7am-4pm, I was able to visit my good friend Trisha every morning from my old company since it's in the same building as my new one.  During my visits, I was lucky enough to meet Daniel Jang or HyoJung Jang, her Korean Class Manager and student. The first thing I noticed about Daniel was his flawless skin. The man has no pores I tell you. I envy his alabaster complexion and have imagined about how amazing a camera would do wonders to his features. Thank God for Christine Day Lorico for lending her trusty cams and talent to embody the images that flew in my mind. Out of nowhere, Christine messaged me on Facebook about an Asian guy who looked like Mark. We were both fond of Asian-looking models so I recommended Daniel, hence this shoot.  I was a bit nervous since it was my first time working with a Korean model before and it was Daniel's first time to model as well. The shoot took place in this scenic bus graveyard. The place was melancholic and had a dystopian feel. Too bad we were not able to secure a permit to shoot inside the graveyard but luckily, there was an old run-down house with lovely bougainvillea flowers that looked like cherry blossoms from afar which complemented Daniel’s Asiatic features.  Christine and I both agreed that Daniel  had a very androgynous face which contrasted his well-toned  body. He was patient and according to him, he enjoyed the shoot. I think it really helped that Christine was very bubbly and full of energy the whole time. She directed him well and she was very professional as usual. It was a relaxed atmosphere and we even talked about Mark in between takes. It's as if Mark was there. I really love that  she could multi-task like that.  The shoot didn’t take long. Christine proceeded to another affair while I treated Daniel dinner as was the "custom" for pro bono shoots.  The whole evening was very  pleasant. Daniel was a good conversationalist much to my surprise. His English was really good for a Korean, Trisha must be a really great teacher. Daniel also told me that he actually had a great time despite me being a Filipina much to his surprise (was that meant to be a compliment?) Anyway, you get the subtle racist undertones from both of us but hey, we admitted it, laughed it off and spent the rest of the evening chatting, window-shopping and playing Guitar Hero.  

Listening to : Love At First Sight by Kylie Minogue
              <3: photoshoots
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