May 28, 2011

Artist of the Day: Raymond Saldaña

Everybody loves Raymond! The man himself!

Raymond Saldaña has the quiet confidence of an experienced photographer. He is a simple, soft spoken man who makes anyone comfortable around him. Aside from his superb talent, his ability to make everyone relax with his calm demeanor must have been the reason why he is Bb Pilipinas' official photographer. He makes his subjects at ease with him so he is able to bring out the beauty in anyone. As you can see, he has quite the portfolio which includes celebrities, hot models and beauty queens, with Venus Raj as his favorite muse and friend.  With over 20+ girls' photos to shoot and edit, I can safely say that Raymond is a hardworking, patient genius. It's hard enough to edit one set with one model but  delivering world-class photos of over 20 something women and maintaining the quality of each picture is just amazing. His shots are professional, creative, elegant and just beautiful. Mark was lucky enough to have been shot by him and I was lucky enough to have worked with him. I will upload Mark's set with Raymond after this post but for now, if you want to know more about this brilliant photographer, do check out his websites:

Email him:


*Note: All photos here are from Raymond's Facebook. I do not own any of them :)

Listening to :Exogenesis Symphony Pt 1_ Overture by Muse
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              =( : missing Mark

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