May 31, 2011

New Zealand 2006

This was my first time in New Zealand. I went there with my grandmother to visit our relatives. It was a very confusing experience since it was my first time out of the country. I really missed by ex boyfriend back then and my family. It's quite different now, whenever I'm overseas, I miss my baby Mello more.  :)

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<3: Mello
=( : cold

Lee Min Ho Fan Service

To this person who I really liked and turned out to be a big jerk: You're no fucking Lee Min Ho. Wag kang maginarte. Anyway, Parang gusto kong kidnapin si Lee Min Ho aka Jun Pyo para naman may tagabuhat na ulit ako ng bag/gamit ko paguwi galing trabaho. Tanggal na siguro stress ko buong hapon. haaayyy ♥

I think we're all clear about my type. Looks familiar?

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              <3: LEE MIN HOHOHOHO
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May 29, 2011

Mark Orosa by Raymond Saldaña

Photographer: Raymond  Saldaña
Stylist: Sonia Agbayani
Assistant Stylist: Millie Morales
Model: Mark Orosa
Location: Domanis, New World Hotel, Makati

See my blogpost about Raymond Saldaña

Mark was very lucky to have been shot by Raymond. There were two photographers that day, Raymond and Ash Reginald Evasco. These were taken inside Domanis owned by Mark's cousins Joey and Anthony Yupangco. Photos were taken from Raymond's facebook. If you like what you see, check out 
Mark Orosa's Facebook:

and Raymond's websites :

Email him:



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                  =( : spending too much >__<

    May 28, 2011

    Artist of the Day: Raymond Saldaña

    Everybody loves Raymond! The man himself!

    Raymond Saldaña has the quiet confidence of an experienced photographer. He is a simple, soft spoken man who makes anyone comfortable around him. Aside from his superb talent, his ability to make everyone relax with his calm demeanor must have been the reason why he is Bb Pilipinas' official photographer. He makes his subjects at ease with him so he is able to bring out the beauty in anyone. As you can see, he has quite the portfolio which includes celebrities, hot models and beauty queens, with Venus Raj as his favorite muse and friend.  With over 20+ girls' photos to shoot and edit, I can safely say that Raymond is a hardworking, patient genius. It's hard enough to edit one set with one model but  delivering world-class photos of over 20 something women and maintaining the quality of each picture is just amazing. His shots are professional, creative, elegant and just beautiful. Mark was lucky enough to have been shot by him and I was lucky enough to have worked with him. I will upload Mark's set with Raymond after this post but for now, if you want to know more about this brilliant photographer, do check out his websites:

    Email him:


    *Note: All photos here are from Raymond's Facebook. I do not own any of them :)

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    May 26, 2011

    Pogi Points FAIL!!

    I was craving for Korean hotties i.e. Lee Min Ho/Jun Pyo so I asked Mark, Lee Min Ho's twin, to wear his hot Versace polo shirt the next time we Skype and to not wear his glasses. He didn't wear any contacts so when I asked him to read something on Skype, well, he literally could not see a thing and I was able to capture him squint like anything!!  HAHAHAHA.  He really has bad eyesight akin to Harry Potter which we fondly called him back in 2007.

    Thank you for trying muffin. Your efforts are always appreciated. I love you.

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                 =( : stomach problems

    Reveal The Remedy

    Thank God for pain killers so at least I could smile a bit.

    Last Monday, around 3pm, my whole body felt like it was being twisted. I couldn't breathe properly, I was bloated and I just wanted to vommit. No I'm NOT pregnant. That would be Immaculate Conception. I'm not even kidding. (insert frustrated face here haha) I thought I was just dead hungry but alas, after eating my adobo pandesal, the pain prevailed. I was still able to drive myself home, even drove an old grandmother, a stranger who came from the province, to her children's house in our village. She was carrying bundles and it was about to rain. I really had to stop and take her to her house. Doing a good deed made me feel good but not better. ANYWAY, My whole family decided to observe my body before taking me to E.R. The next day, the pain did not subside and so I was... I wanted to say rushed but that's not what really happened. You see, after eating lunch, my dad and sister took great joy watching me salivate as they munched on my favorite coffee almond ice cream. To shake my cravings away, I went up and got dressed. I made sure to take a good shower, sprayed my perfume and wore nice lingerie. I do not want to be the patient with the ratty underwear, (not that I have any) nor the sickly smelling one. Upon going down the stairs, I expected worried faces from my parents but their eyes were intensely focused on The Millionaire Matchmaker. 

    "Excuse me, I'm in PAIN. REALLY."

    At last, I was able to yank my parents to drive me to Asian Hospital's ER. 15 mins away from our house but 20 mins with traffic. Longest 20 mins of my life. I couldn't look at anyone as I concentrated on not letting out an anguished moan. From there I shall not discuss all the probing and penetration I got mostly from needles silly people. I don't know if I became really sensitive to pain or it's just that a big male nurse inserted my IV needle which bled. I think girls have a more delicate approach when it comes to needles. I dunno. I must say though, amidst the intense body pain and injections, I couldn't help but notice how the young male nurse who did my X ray looked so fine he could be an anti-depressant pill. Seriously. He looked like some private school kid who went to the gym to mask his boyish charms. The whole dark room event sent tingles down my stomach which elicited more cramping much to my dismay. Hey, I must find every good in any situation, otherwise I'd have more stomach problems from stress.

    When the medicines did not work, they had to do another blood test. Needles again. Arggh. More tests and I was advised by the resident doctor to stay for observation and to wait for a gastro. My mother didn't want me to stay because she hated seeing us on a hospital bed. My mother asked the doctor if I could go home the next day since my mum and dad are going away for a company retreat from Thursday-Sunday so they want me home before that. 

    I felt really relaxed in my hospital room even though I was dead hungry. I wasn't allowed to eat for like a day. I won't go into details about the findings but it's more or less Peptic Acid Disease. My stomach already has a "bruise" or "wound" I dunno what you call it so the excess acid is burning the shit out of me now which might lead to more complications later if untreated. According to the doctor, it won't go away for like a week so pain is my good companion for a while. 

    My suffering right now is nothing compared to the bill we got which solidified my mother's hatred for the hospital. For an overnight stay in Asian, it costed us 25k++ . Thank  fucking God for our medical insurance. It really saddened me when I realized that people without healthcare insurance or whatsoever would just HAVE to endure the pain or just die because it is very expensive to get sick in this country. This really broke my heart. I now hope that by some miracle, someone or something can remedy the evil, expensive manipulation of this whole "health business" in the country and yes, a lot of drug companies, doctors etc. treat our health as business.  To them I say: I hope you burn in acid hell.

    Anyway, thank you so much to everyone who called, messaged, prayed for me and who took care of me. A big shoutout to Mark who shed tears of joy when he learned it wasn't the "stomach complication" we all feared that involved surgery. Thank you to my parents for supporting me and to Mae Ann and my sister who stayed with me. And oh, to the nurses and doctors who were really warm and kind especially to the nurse who took my XRay, I shall meet you again, hopefully with more clothes on or maybe without. I KID. I KID. hahahaha :D

    *PS: Millie is still in pain while writing this entry and is determined to sleep it off in a while. Millie feels sad that she hasn't been able to blog for a long time so she is enduring her grumbling stomach and strained back. She is also alone in her house and wishes that Mark were here to take care of her despite the cute nurse story which she already told him to which Mark just rolled his eyes.

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                 =( : not being able to go to work

    May 24, 2011

    Someone Like Him: Daniel's Shoot

    Photography: Christine Day Lorico 

    Make Up/Styling: Millie Morales
    Model: HyoJung Jang 
    (Daniel Jang Twitter :!/DanielJ7751) 

    Since I started working from 7am-4pm, I was able to visit my good friend Trisha every morning from my old company since it's in the same building as my new one.  During my visits, I was lucky enough to meet Daniel Jang or HyoJung Jang, her Korean Class Manager and student. The first thing I noticed about Daniel was his flawless skin. The man has no pores I tell you. I envy his alabaster complexion and have imagined about how amazing a camera would do wonders to his features. Thank God for Christine Day Lorico for lending her trusty cams and talent to embody the images that flew in my mind. Out of nowhere, Christine messaged me on Facebook about an Asian guy who looked like Mark. We were both fond of Asian-looking models so I recommended Daniel, hence this shoot.  I was a bit nervous since it was my first time working with a Korean model before and it was Daniel's first time to model as well. The shoot took place in this scenic bus graveyard. The place was melancholic and had a dystopian feel. Too bad we were not able to secure a permit to shoot inside the graveyard but luckily, there was an old run-down house with lovely bougainvillea flowers that looked like cherry blossoms from afar which complemented Daniel’s Asiatic features.  Christine and I both agreed that Daniel  had a very androgynous face which contrasted his well-toned  body. He was patient and according to him, he enjoyed the shoot. I think it really helped that Christine was very bubbly and full of energy the whole time. She directed him well and she was very professional as usual. It was a relaxed atmosphere and we even talked about Mark in between takes. It's as if Mark was there. I really love that  she could multi-task like that.  The shoot didn’t take long. Christine proceeded to another affair while I treated Daniel dinner as was the "custom" for pro bono shoots.  The whole evening was very  pleasant. Daniel was a good conversationalist much to my surprise. His English was really good for a Korean, Trisha must be a really great teacher. Daniel also told me that he actually had a great time despite me being a Filipina much to his surprise (was that meant to be a compliment?) Anyway, you get the subtle racist undertones from both of us but hey, we admitted it, laughed it off and spent the rest of the evening chatting, window-shopping and playing Guitar Hero.  

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                  =( : stomach problems
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