April 08, 2011

Where is Mark?

We've been doing this for 5 years now, going 6. We talk every single day no matter what continent we are. We talked every day even though he was in South America, Asia, Europe and of course, Australia. My mother actually pointed this out yesterday how consistent we were. We'll both be very busy soon and I know you're feeling down now, so I hope this post kind of cheers you up

Dear Mark, 

I've been taking several pics of you while we chat. I tried to capture you while you talked and made all kinds of expressions. We've been chatting for several years now but this is the first time I've seen you in pajamas. I really like you in pjs. You look so young and vulnerable. The simplicity of the garment led me to dwell on your face. Your smile lights up the whole screen if not the world. When you smile, your eyes arch like rainbows on a sunny sky that is  the amber of your skin.  Your mouth carries a vast ocean of stories and waves of your laughter. You have beautiful eyes that reflect your beautiful soul and I can see it even through a machine. Always smile and everything will be alright. 

By the way, people have been asking me where you are right now. It's funny because I still feel you're near because we still keep in contact every day but anyway, I'll just tell them you're in pajamas. hahaha


Listening to :  Rhythm of Love Cover (Plain White T's) by Clara C and Joseph Vincent
              <3: Ani
             =( : missing you

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