April 11, 2011

Review: Coron Village Lodge 2011

Coron Village Lodge


Inclusion: 3 nights accomodation

9 meals and 2 snacks
2 days island tour
Mt. Tapyas and Hot Spring Tour
Entrance fees to all destinations
Services of a guide
Airport van transfer
Welcome drink
Free-flowing coffee
Free wifi signal

1st day-2nd day

Saw the town, visited the town plaza, the market, the schools, etc.
Went up to Makinit Hot Spring
Island Loop Tour:
Siete Pecados
Cayangan Lake
Twin Lagoons
Atwayan Beach

3rd day
Kayangan Lake
Calumboyan Island
Lusong World War II shipwreck
Coral Garden

 We tried booking last December but they didn't really accommodate  us so they asked us to book a month before. I tried calling several times to confirm my booking but they will only confirm it with a 5% down payment which you will deposit in their account. This really depends on the person you talk to and the kind of arrangement and price she gives you.

 I booked Cebu Pacific last December even if our trip was on March and we were able to get really cheap flights. Prepare at least 1,500 per person either one way or two way depending on your dates. I'm not sure if PAL flies directly to Busuanga. Our trip was originally Feb but we moved it so it became cheaper. We were picked up by a van from the airport but after that it's usually tricycles and boats. Be prepared to go up Makinit Hot Spring riding a tricycle, it's so bumpy and dusty, I felt like I gave birth to my intestines. The boat rides were more pleasant because they gave each group a boat. Even if it's just you and your lover, they will give you a separate boat and not try to squeeze you in other groups so I really really like that. Note that Coron Village Lodge is in town but is 5 minutes away from the port which is 15 minutes away from the islands and beaches.

 The most unimpressive part of the whole experience was our room. Maybe we're just used to hotels, I dunno. But my parents wanted us to stay in one big room with 3 beds, 1 queen size and 2 single beds for me and my sister. My dad wanted separate rooms for us but my mother wanted the whole family to bond.   The room was quaint. Very clean and comfy. The aircon was not working properly which worked for me because I don't really like uber cold rooms. The shower wasn't working properly as well even though it had hot and cold settings, the water pressure was terrible. They have room service every day so our room was always clean and we had new towels everyday. If you're a hotel-type of person like me/Mark who frequents every Ascott in Makati or Sunset in Aninuan then this is not for you. Luckily I was trained in UPLB so I didn't mind the room, I don't know about Mark but then again, we went to Coron not knowing anything haha.  Be sure to book a month before because as I recall, it was the only room available. 

Tour guide: 
Our tour guide was very professional, respectful and anticipated our every need. He could be a butler, swimming instructor, waiter, photographer,tour guide all in one. Kuya Jun prepared all our food before and during the trip. While we swam, he cooked our fish or meat if we wanted grilled stuff but it was generally packed lunch with condiments. We gave him 1,000php tip for his excellent services.

Breakfast is at 7AM onwards and the food is served per table, not buffet style. You can choose from any Silog combination or International Breakfast. After your meal, you proceed with the tour. You stop over an island around 12PM while your tour guide prepares the table in one of the huts. The food is very Filipino. I think they ask what you like and then they'll cook and prepare it. My parents wanted grilled fish so Kuya Jun brought fresh fish and grilled it while we took pics and swam. They also brought condiments, dessert (usually fruits) and sandwiches for snack. You can ask for a jug of water but they usually bring soft drinks. Again, it's up to you. Our family does not eat a lot so Kuya Jun and two other boat men were very lucky. They wait for you to finish your meal and eat what's left so if you like your meals hearty, you might want to bring your own snack but the food is usually a lot so it's not really a problem.
You'll be back in Village Lodge by 5PM exhausted. You go up to your room, take a shower, rest a bit and eat at 7PM onwards. The staff will assign you a table. The food is served buffet style so if you're really hungry, you have to fall in line first. They serve the food hot and they always bring additional so you don't get leftovers. Quality of food is good and the ambiance is relaxing. 

Bloody amazing. I've been to different countries and their beaches but Coron is paradise. I assure you, it's one of the most beautiful places in the world. 

I cannot give you the exact amount because the price differs per season/flight schedule and arrangement so I will give you an estimate in Philippine Peso per person.

1. Cebu Pacific-1,000-2,000 depending on your schedule and booking.

2. Coron Village Lodge-7,500 per person which includes everything I mentioned above, board and lodging, meals during tour, tour guide, transpo fees (boats, tricycles, van, entrance fees to hot spring and beaches). Again, depending on your arrangement. 5% down payment is required a week or a month before to confirm your booking.

3. Airport snack, additional snack etc- 500-1,000 We had Mrs. Fields and ate in this French cafe.

4. Tip (optional)- 1,000 to our tour guide Kuya Jun.

5. Internet- 15 pesos per hour, internet shop right beside Coron Village Lodge. They have free wifi in the cafe but we didn't bring our laptops so yea.

All in all, prepare at least 10,000 per person if you wanna go to Coron. Again, we didn't know anything about Coron and were only advised by my cousin who stayed in Coron Village Lodge months before. Will I go back to Coron Village Lodge? Yes, but I'll make sure to get a better room. This place is good if you're new to Palawan and you want everything organized for you. As a family, it's better to stay in a more expensive hotel since the parents can afford and you can take advantage haha. They let me do all the bookings so I apologize to my parents if it's not the best but my mother liked it because she didn't have to think about anything. I might take Mark there one day or we might stay in a different hotel but I will definitely go back to Coron Village Lodge for the tour and food. This is also good for couples, students and backpackers. It's really worth your money.  I hope this review helped a bit. Enjoy your summer. :)

For more inquiries visit their website http://www.coronvillagelodge.com

More pictures of my Coron escapade here .

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  1. we're booked to go there this summer... your blog is a big help! thanks!

    1. Thank you for reading this post and I hope you enjoy your stay! :)

  2. We're planning on going there this May, and i find your blog helpful. Looking at your pictures just excites me more... :)

    1. We're very happy to hear that! Thank you for your comment! Have a great time there, I'm sure it will be an experience to remember :)


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