March 05, 2011

Sisters Sharing

On my sister Margie: dress from Atmosphere, random cardigan, Topshop brown satchel, studded ankle boots from Sydney. On me: Vintage dress from Japan, Mark's vintage leather belt, random ankle boots from HK. 
I'm so lucky that my sister and I can share just about everything except boyfriends..eww. We weren't able to exchange outfits before because she was very lanky while I was "big boned" before LOL. Now that our weights are a few pounds away, we are able to swap everything from dresses, to shoes to accessories. Saves us a lot of money to be honest. There have been several occasions where we were mistaken for twins. A lot of people we met or just random people at the mall would ask if we were twins and I would just flash the widest grin to my sister's indignation. Hey, it's a compliment for me. Sometimes, people would think Margie is older.  (another win for the ate!) The only thing hindering us from sharing ALL of our clothes and tops is my bust size. We practically have the same waist and hip line but it all boiled down to the bust line. I was blessed, she wasn't.Sorry for being blunt sis. Although I was fortunate on that area,  you could imagine how hard it was for me when my boobs started making themselves apparent at 12. I was often teased about them humps and I hated them. My mama (I'm starting to talk Black here ha!) would often tell me to be patient and that all those little girls who teased me about my jiggly breasts would soon desire them. Never really thought how anyone would want back-ache and tight bras but there you go.. now it's UP YOURS BITCHES. BIG TITS FTW!

Anyway, the dress I'm wearing is actually demure and would not show any cleavage. Trust my sister to find beautiful conservative vintage dresses. That thing I'm wearing is actually hers and the shoes, bag and accessories she's sporting are actually mine.  We've influenced each other's tastes so much from music, to art, to movies that I could die and my presence would still be felt through her. I'm not saying we have the same personality. I'm very liberal and she's conservative. I'm loud, she's not. I get into a lot of fights, she doesn't. So she's basically the nicer and stingier version of me. Reflects on our choices of men; I like them hotter, adventurous and sometimes "bad", she likes them quiet, nice and sometimes "bad". lol. There was only one time when we both liked the same guy. My ex "boyfriend" (if you could call it that) back in 6th grade. After that, we never really had a thing for the same person. That's when the sharing stops, at the same point as our  bra sizes.

I'm enjoying this post too much. I'll stop now before I reveal more :))) Love you sister!!

Listening to : Untouched, The Veronicas
              <3:  my sister!
              =( : epic fail Saturday

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