March 02, 2011

The Littlest Things

The Littlest Things From A Guy With A Big.......HEART <3

One of the sweetest things anyone has ever done for me was to patiently scan my Facebook page for Tagalog conversations, list  down Tagalog words, appropriate the meaning/English equivalent of each word by remembering words I told him before and by understanding the context of the conversation, listing everything down just to give me a sweet message in Tagalog. He didn't want to use those on-line translation websites because he didn't want to "mess-up" the message. That's what he did while I slept since UK is 8 hours behind Philippines.  As proof of this event, he showed me the paper on webcam and I was touched to the bones. 

Thank you for trying Pieter. As a way of showing my appreciation for your hard work and effort, I created this blogpost for you. Not many guys do this now. You know, the littlest things that give me a big big smile <3

Pieter, I will always say this, now and forever, you look like fucking James Bond here with your hot suit sitting in a restaurant drinking wine  in Paris. Deym. 
another hot model for me to adore :))

Goooo Effort!!

ALL these words were from my previous status updates or conversations with my friends! Soooo sweett <3

FINALLY!! Now I know WHY and WHAT went somewhere and WHICH words went over and under. LOL

Listening to : Trophy Boy by Reese Lansangan (very apt I must say LSS)

             <3: SEXY BRITISH ACCENT... ohmy kill me now!! haha
             =( : time difference argghhh 

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