March 03, 2011

Busy Beeee : Sunday

make up I did for Elaine

Mika styling Elaine

Juls checking the photos with Mika and Elaine
Styling: Mikaela Pozon (Fashion Institute Of The Philippines)
Photography : Julia Escano (
Model : Elaine Carag (Lifestyle Editor, Chalk Magazine)
Make Up : Millie Morales (Maquillage Professionnel, Make Up For Ever Paris) 

Sunday call time: 7AM but had to wake up at 5AM deyyymmm. That's really early for me since I slept at around 2AM from a rock gig. Anyway, I can't believe it only took 30 AMAZING minutes from ALABANG to UP DILIMAN. Yes everyone, without traffic, Alabang to Quezon City is just a trip to your neighbor jeeez.

 We had our photoshoot for Mika's final project at the Fashion Institute of The Philippines, Juls photography portfolio and my make-up's folio. Our beautiful model was Elaine Carag, Lifestyle Editor of Chalk Magazine who was also our schoolmate from UPLB. I really liked working with these people. They were very professional and knew what they wanted. 

With Mika and Juls' direction, we were able to create a dreamy world with an escapist undertone. Elaine is a young artist in search of a vision floating in the wilderness of her imagination, her each step translated into 6 different outfit changes/layout in just several hours. To complete this ethereal feel, I was instructed to create a couture-ish make-up with black/silver and white colors extending to her temples complemented with vampire-like lip color. We also utilized 6 fake lashes which Elaine held with ease. She was very patient, took directions well and changed inside an improvised dressing room in the middle of the lagoon. Kudos to you Elaine. 
 Mika provided the dresses while I lent my shoes for the shoot. I must say Mika has good taste,  but what's more amazing was how creative she was with the materials for her gown. Mika used "innovative stuff" (think household materials) to create this gorgeous ensemble above. Thanks to "tita" right? The elegant result was ably captured by Juls, Mika's friend from UP Diliman and our photographer. Juls directed the shoot well and was able to capture Elaine's graceful movements in the first few takes. She made everything faster and more convenient for all of us. Thank you! I saw one of the final pictures from the shoot and I was blown away by how the theme was embodied through the lighting and editing of the picture. I can't wait to see the others! Thank you so much for the opportunity to work with talented people like you guys.

After the photoshoot, I literally passed out in the car and on my bed. I forced myself to wake up to do my Japanese homework but had to rest because I needed to wake up at 6AM again (-- _--) for an indie film shoot the next day. Slept at 1AM woke up at 6AM. (next post)

Listening to : Space Dementia, Muse

             <3: make up
             =( : heat 

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