March 05, 2011

Busy Beeee : Monday

Woke up at 6AM for this shoot. It's the second part of the short film we've been doing for my sister's UP Fine Arts' final project.  If you wanna know more about this shoot go to my previous article Behind The Scenes Film Shoot.  Anyway, I was so excited because I got to wear a nurse costume. Hihi. I looove costumes and the whole uber neat, prim and proper effect appeals to me. I don't like wearing white but I'll make an exception for this one. Thank you FA girls for this opportunity. I had sooo much fun! :D

So that ends my busy bee series. It actually started 2 weeks before but so far this weekend had been a blur since I barely had any sleep and I often woke up working and passing out at night only to wake up to an alarm clock like a zombie to get ready for these stuff.  It's was tiring but fulfilling :)

Listening to : Stone Roses, Weiss Kreuz
              <3: costumes
              =( : late people LOL

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