March 31, 2011

Borderline Film

Borderline Film 2011
A short film by Visual Communication major students, College of Fine Arts, University of the Philippines, Diliman

Joanna Malinis (UP FA)

Pampy Manalac (UP FA)

Margaret Morales (UP FA)

Kit Singson (UP FA)

Valerie Villaflor (UP FA)

Lucho Ayala (actor)

Millie Morales (story, make-up, actress)

" Fantastic piece of cinema. The Debussy soundtrack bit is the real meat of the film. Chilling. Just wonderful!!! That rare combination of cinematography, soundtrack and acting that speaks to the essence of cinema. At times 5th Wave French, at times silent era-like and chillingly Hitchcock near the end. Superb. Congratulations! Some really fantastic cinematic moments there. Easily conveyed message, which is why it reminds me of almost silent-era films. It's all in the subtle facial expressions - and that bit with the hand reaching out. Absolutely crushing. Best bit!" - Mark Orosa

Thank you Mark for this really nice review. :)

Listening to: Debussy
<3: this film
=(: wasting days

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