March 22, 2011

Blue Summer Sky Nails

Mark's Rolling Stone shirt from Bangkok which I cut, leopard print headband from Sydney,  turquoise/sky blue nail polish from Body Shop? I forgot haha

could be turquoise depending on your LCD screen :p but I'm loving my new nails now <3

It was very hot today. The sky was clear, cool and blue but the heat whipped the shit out of my arms from  my several-second walk to my car. I had a good foot spa, mani and pedi to start the summer right. I don't want to go around in Havs exposing unsightly nails and feet. Anyway, I don't usually get a manicure because I find it very annoying when the nail polish begins to chip off. Chipped nails look so unclean so I try to stay away from colored nails. I wanted to do something different today and dared my self to get this beautiful blue/turquoise shade which is very in season. I've asked two hot guys about what they thought about the nails and they loved them. I really thought that the color would creep them but it turned out to be pleasant, refreshing and the color looked clean. Apparently, men do look at women's  hands and feet to check if she takes care of her body well. It seems that if you have clean hands, feet and nails, then you must have good hygiene. This is a good tip for a lot of ladies and guys if you are out and about trying to snag a date. Speaking of dates, I actually look at men's feet and nails when I meet them. Now, if the guy has nail polish, I think this is a very different story.

Listening to : Take 2 Blue by Bitter-Sweet
              <3: foot spa, mani, pedi
             =( : pressure

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