March 31, 2011

Borderline Film

Borderline Film 2011
A short film by Visual Communication major students, College of Fine Arts, University of the Philippines, Diliman

Joanna Malinis (UP FA)

Pampy Manalac (UP FA)

Margaret Morales (UP FA)

Kit Singson (UP FA)

Valerie Villaflor (UP FA)

Lucho Ayala (actor)

Millie Morales (story, make-up, actress)

" Fantastic piece of cinema. The Debussy soundtrack bit is the real meat of the film. Chilling. Just wonderful!!! That rare combination of cinematography, soundtrack and acting that speaks to the essence of cinema. At times 5th Wave French, at times silent era-like and chillingly Hitchcock near the end. Superb. Congratulations! Some really fantastic cinematic moments there. Easily conveyed message, which is why it reminds me of almost silent-era films. It's all in the subtle facial expressions - and that bit with the hand reaching out. Absolutely crushing. Best bit!" - Mark Orosa

Thank you Mark for this really nice review. :)

Listening to: Debussy
<3: this film
=(: wasting days

March 24, 2011

CORON 2011: Summer Starts With This Pink and Flowy Top

Francisco B. Reyes Airport, Coron, Palawan :) 


the prettiest, comfiest top ever! really soft and flowy

Pink and flowy top from my sister, Nothing But Water swimwear,   Supre denim shorts, pink Havaianas High, Roxy blue beach bag, red Ray Ban wayfarer, accessories from Palawan. 

Start of my beach posts. Went to Coron 2 weeks ago. Coron is just paradise. I can't wait to go back.

Listening to :  Borrowed Theme by Kaskade

              <3: beach

              =( : long trips by boat

March 22, 2011

Blue Summer Sky Nails

Mark's Rolling Stone shirt from Bangkok which I cut, leopard print headband from Sydney,  turquoise/sky blue nail polish from Body Shop? I forgot haha

could be turquoise depending on your LCD screen :p but I'm loving my new nails now <3

It was very hot today. The sky was clear, cool and blue but the heat whipped the shit out of my arms from  my several-second walk to my car. I had a good foot spa, mani and pedi to start the summer right. I don't want to go around in Havs exposing unsightly nails and feet. Anyway, I don't usually get a manicure because I find it very annoying when the nail polish begins to chip off. Chipped nails look so unclean so I try to stay away from colored nails. I wanted to do something different today and dared my self to get this beautiful blue/turquoise shade which is very in season. I've asked two hot guys about what they thought about the nails and they loved them. I really thought that the color would creep them but it turned out to be pleasant, refreshing and the color looked clean. Apparently, men do look at women's  hands and feet to check if she takes care of her body well. It seems that if you have clean hands, feet and nails, then you must have good hygiene. This is a good tip for a lot of ladies and guys if you are out and about trying to snag a date. Speaking of dates, I actually look at men's feet and nails when I meet them. Now, if the guy has nail polish, I think this is a very different story.

Listening to : Take 2 Blue by Bitter-Sweet
              <3: foot spa, mani, pedi
             =( : pressure

March 20, 2011

Never Take Friends For Granted

above: final reporting with my students. They were very happy after. haha.  With Mel, my jap classmate and driving buddy. Duzon friends.

With my college friend and super blockmate Nica in CBTL. With Patty, Lexie, Laine and Janine from Duzon and below, new found friends with Ine.
Whenever someone asks me out, I try to meet that person even with a busy schedule. I try to keep in touch thru Facebook, email, dates, meet ups and surprise visits at the office. I have learned through experience that we should never take friends for granted especially when we already have a special someone. It's very easy to forget the people who made you happy, comforted you and walked with you through thick and thin just because you thought you found the "love of your life". After a nasty break-up leaving you torn, you expect your "friends" to embrace you and uplift your spirits because that's what friends are for right? After months or years of not seeing them, you believe that the word "friendship" between you and those people still existed as if people don't change. Well, you're not entirely right. Some people do get tired of trying to reach out and some are heartless enough to turn their back on you just when you needed them as what you did during your "honeymoon phase". You were so engrossed with your love life that all you talked about were your problems with your partner or how he/she made you feel in and out of the bedroom. FYI, TMI.

Take this scenario for example: Enter a jealous lover who is so insecure that he/she told you to detach yourself from your friends because they're "bad" for you or because they're taking too much of your time or attention.  He or she will never admit that she's just insecure and jealous. You blindly followed to avoid conflict with any of the parties and your life now revolves around your "baby" and your plans for the future. Come reality, years, third parties or just life in general, you and your "hunnyapplepie" break up and you are suddenly left with no one. Of course you can't tell your mother that the reason you broke up is because your lover caught you having a threesome with 2 guys. Oh Lord no. You can't tell your dad that you broke up because he cheated with your cousin...and sister.. and mother.. Oh dear. Now you look for you and your lover's common friends who generally want to stay out so as not to hurt you guys, or if worse comes to worse, these frenemies will meddle too much to hurt you and start a war with Team EX. How mature right? Where are your allies? Where have they all gone?

"No one cares for me!"  "I'm alone!" "My life is over!"

Geez, of course you are alone. At least you've acknowledged it.  It's your fault for being too caught up, unreasonably submissive and irrational. That's the power of love, infatuation...or obsession. There's nothing wrong with being in love but make sure that your world does not revolve around your partner.To have a healthy relationship, you and your lover must still have separate social lives or being with each other tooooo much will drive you crazy. Too much familiarity sometimes causes disrespect among lovers while knowing every bit of each other's lives such as your last LBM may turn your partner off or bore you because as they say, "you've seen this movie before". Some people feel smothered by overly protective and domineering partners; lovers who tell you what to wear, how to act, who to see,  schedule your life and get jealous of strangers and start having fits. I've met a lot of these people, most of them are in the prisons where I work. Consider this a warning. You begin to lose not only your friends but also your identity. It's as if people know you as "the girlfriend of..." or worse "the slave of.."

 I've actually posted an FB status about this and so far 40+ people have liked it. I'm surprised a lot of my friends have experienced the wrath of jealous lovers or have been manipulated by one. Must trudge relationships carefully now, it's a small world. If you're patient enough to have read this whole post I'm very sure you know the scenario  I've mentioned or have unfortunately experienced it at some point of your lives. It's inevitable, these crazy lovers are very charming... at first. Not unless your first ever relationship or all your relationships are as perfect as Jesus then forgive me, I'm just human and I need to keep in touch with friends and reality.

Listening to : Dirty Laundry by Bitter Sweet
             <3: the band Bitter Sweet
             =( : craazy people

Shoot With Ford Supermodel Manuela Basilio

Random dress from Hong Kong as a top, F21 denim shorts, H&M brown belt, bangles from The Ramp, Gold Dot clogs

I looovee these clogs! They're very light and comfy!!

Met an international film director waiting for his friend who founded Futkaleros in Tondo. They were on their way to shoot their next indie film. Bob, the indie film director is the one in maroon.

Some of the final shots from Christine Day Lorico :))

 Photos were taken from Christine Day Lorico's facebook.

Photography Christine Day Lorico
Styling Mikaela Pozon
Hair and Make Up Millie Morales
Model Ford Supermodel of the World Runner Up Manuela Marie Basilio

dresses by DIMPLE LIM
shoes by GOLD DOT
purple &yellow neckpiece & bracelet PJ VALENCIANO
black boots, bag & gold bangles from Millie Morales

Location: The Collective

A glorious abundance of Artsy people. Met an international film director waiting for his friend who founded Futkaleros in Tondo. They were on their way to shoot their next indie film and Bob, the director, sat down with us and started chatting me and Mika while we waitied for our statuesque model Manuela and awesome photographer Christine Day Lorico. Bob's currently working with Ely Buendia and Sandwich. Small world.

Manuela is just WHOA. She's soo tall and her lanky body is good for modeling. Mika wanted clean "smokey" eyes with clean lines so I opted for black and dark blue so that it would pop. While Mika styled Manuela, I introduced Christine to Carlo who manages Vinyl Forever.

Listening to : Born This Way, Lady Gaga
              <3: Photoshoots
             =( : Waiting

March 05, 2011

Sisters Sharing

On my sister Margie: dress from Atmosphere, random cardigan, Topshop brown satchel, studded ankle boots from Sydney. On me: Vintage dress from Japan, Mark's vintage leather belt, random ankle boots from HK. 
I'm so lucky that my sister and I can share just about everything except boyfriends..eww. We weren't able to exchange outfits before because she was very lanky while I was "big boned" before LOL. Now that our weights are a few pounds away, we are able to swap everything from dresses, to shoes to accessories. Saves us a lot of money to be honest. There have been several occasions where we were mistaken for twins. A lot of people we met or just random people at the mall would ask if we were twins and I would just flash the widest grin to my sister's indignation. Hey, it's a compliment for me. Sometimes, people would think Margie is older.  (another win for the ate!) The only thing hindering us from sharing ALL of our clothes and tops is my bust size. We practically have the same waist and hip line but it all boiled down to the bust line. I was blessed, she wasn't.Sorry for being blunt sis. Although I was fortunate on that area,  you could imagine how hard it was for me when my boobs started making themselves apparent at 12. I was often teased about them humps and I hated them. My mama (I'm starting to talk Black here ha!) would often tell me to be patient and that all those little girls who teased me about my jiggly breasts would soon desire them. Never really thought how anyone would want back-ache and tight bras but there you go.. now it's UP YOURS BITCHES. BIG TITS FTW!

Anyway, the dress I'm wearing is actually demure and would not show any cleavage. Trust my sister to find beautiful conservative vintage dresses. That thing I'm wearing is actually hers and the shoes, bag and accessories she's sporting are actually mine.  We've influenced each other's tastes so much from music, to art, to movies that I could die and my presence would still be felt through her. I'm not saying we have the same personality. I'm very liberal and she's conservative. I'm loud, she's not. I get into a lot of fights, she doesn't. So she's basically the nicer and stingier version of me. Reflects on our choices of men; I like them hotter, adventurous and sometimes "bad", she likes them quiet, nice and sometimes "bad". lol. There was only one time when we both liked the same guy. My ex "boyfriend" (if you could call it that) back in 6th grade. After that, we never really had a thing for the same person. That's when the sharing stops, at the same point as our  bra sizes.

I'm enjoying this post too much. I'll stop now before I reveal more :))) Love you sister!!

Listening to : Untouched, The Veronicas
              <3:  my sister!
              =( : epic fail Saturday

Busy Beeee : Monday

Woke up at 6AM for this shoot. It's the second part of the short film we've been doing for my sister's UP Fine Arts' final project.  If you wanna know more about this shoot go to my previous article Behind The Scenes Film Shoot.  Anyway, I was so excited because I got to wear a nurse costume. Hihi. I looove costumes and the whole uber neat, prim and proper effect appeals to me. I don't like wearing white but I'll make an exception for this one. Thank you FA girls for this opportunity. I had sooo much fun! :D

So that ends my busy bee series. It actually started 2 weeks before but so far this weekend had been a blur since I barely had any sleep and I often woke up working and passing out at night only to wake up to an alarm clock like a zombie to get ready for these stuff.  It's was tiring but fulfilling :)

Listening to : Stone Roses, Weiss Kreuz
              <3: costumes
              =( : late people LOL

March 03, 2011

Busy Beeee : Sunday

make up I did for Elaine

Mika styling Elaine

Juls checking the photos with Mika and Elaine
Styling: Mikaela Pozon (Fashion Institute Of The Philippines)
Photography : Julia Escano (
Model : Elaine Carag (Lifestyle Editor, Chalk Magazine)
Make Up : Millie Morales (Maquillage Professionnel, Make Up For Ever Paris) 

Sunday call time: 7AM but had to wake up at 5AM deyyymmm. That's really early for me since I slept at around 2AM from a rock gig. Anyway, I can't believe it only took 30 AMAZING minutes from ALABANG to UP DILIMAN. Yes everyone, without traffic, Alabang to Quezon City is just a trip to your neighbor jeeez.

 We had our photoshoot for Mika's final project at the Fashion Institute of The Philippines, Juls photography portfolio and my make-up's folio. Our beautiful model was Elaine Carag, Lifestyle Editor of Chalk Magazine who was also our schoolmate from UPLB. I really liked working with these people. They were very professional and knew what they wanted. 

With Mika and Juls' direction, we were able to create a dreamy world with an escapist undertone. Elaine is a young artist in search of a vision floating in the wilderness of her imagination, her each step translated into 6 different outfit changes/layout in just several hours. To complete this ethereal feel, I was instructed to create a couture-ish make-up with black/silver and white colors extending to her temples complemented with vampire-like lip color. We also utilized 6 fake lashes which Elaine held with ease. She was very patient, took directions well and changed inside an improvised dressing room in the middle of the lagoon. Kudos to you Elaine. 
 Mika provided the dresses while I lent my shoes for the shoot. I must say Mika has good taste,  but what's more amazing was how creative she was with the materials for her gown. Mika used "innovative stuff" (think household materials) to create this gorgeous ensemble above. Thanks to "tita" right? The elegant result was ably captured by Juls, Mika's friend from UP Diliman and our photographer. Juls directed the shoot well and was able to capture Elaine's graceful movements in the first few takes. She made everything faster and more convenient for all of us. Thank you! I saw one of the final pictures from the shoot and I was blown away by how the theme was embodied through the lighting and editing of the picture. I can't wait to see the others! Thank you so much for the opportunity to work with talented people like you guys.

After the photoshoot, I literally passed out in the car and on my bed. I forced myself to wake up to do my Japanese homework but had to rest because I needed to wake up at 6AM again (-- _--) for an indie film shoot the next day. Slept at 1AM woke up at 6AM. (next post)

Listening to : Space Dementia, Muse

             <3: make up
             =( : heat 

March 02, 2011

Busy Beeee : Saturday

black fedora from Princess, polka dot spag from Zara, F21 black cardigan and denim shorts, Diesel leather belt,  rings and necklace from Bangkok, Charles&Keith black ankle boots

Very hectic weekend. Saturday:  make up class with Thea as my model at Bonifacio High Street, ate at Hobbes and Landes with Princess and Thea, laughed our ass off, went to Vinyl at The Collective in Makati. I soooo love Thea and Princess! They are girls with a penchant for anything artsy, vintage and quirky, and were just really nice to have a good chat/gossip. It was my first time properly hanging with Thea and she's just hilarious with her expressions and all. I must say though, that "kabog na kabog" ang pasty white skin ng lola mo. During our make-up demo, I had to find the lightest shade for Thea's skin! She looks like a mix of Dita Von Teese and Heart Evangelista. Another celebrity in the making I suppose? There's a big possibility since she is a close friend of Princess, our ever talented young director, who was very patient enough to capture how I smothered Thea's skin with expensive make up. Not that she needed one. Princess had such a contagious laughter that you'd have to hold your stomach from getting too excited around her. Hope I could hang with them again.

After The Collective, I had to go back to Las Pinas for a rock gig with my friends Gray Portrait. I was so exhausted that I fell asleep right in front of the stage during the 2nd act, with speakers, drums and guitars blasting in front of my face. This is not the first time I fell asleep listening to rock. I have no idea why rock music calms me like a lullaby, I woke up one morning with  my Ipod  playing Linkin Park's Papercut.I felt like God. Come Gray Portrait, I was as jittery as the Energizer Bunny. Gray Portrait's music evolved so much from last time I heard them that I was so impressed with their performance. It was worth the toxic drive to Las Pinas. The band was still very chilled and I must say, had a lot of fans due to the band members' charisma. Everyone was just rooting for them. Made me proud. Thank you Yami for the invite! 

Drove home. Slept at 2AM... woke up at 5AM for a photoshoot (next post).

If you wanna know more about these lovely people, go to the links below. Princess Dalmas has her own production company.

Princess Dalmas- Princess Pictures

Gray Portrait

Listening to : The Taste Of Ink by The Used

             <3: friendsssss
             =( : exhaustion  

The Littlest Things

The Littlest Things From A Guy With A Big.......HEART <3

One of the sweetest things anyone has ever done for me was to patiently scan my Facebook page for Tagalog conversations, list  down Tagalog words, appropriate the meaning/English equivalent of each word by remembering words I told him before and by understanding the context of the conversation, listing everything down just to give me a sweet message in Tagalog. He didn't want to use those on-line translation websites because he didn't want to "mess-up" the message. That's what he did while I slept since UK is 8 hours behind Philippines.  As proof of this event, he showed me the paper on webcam and I was touched to the bones. 

Thank you for trying Pieter. As a way of showing my appreciation for your hard work and effort, I created this blogpost for you. Not many guys do this now. You know, the littlest things that give me a big big smile <3

Pieter, I will always say this, now and forever, you look like fucking James Bond here with your hot suit sitting in a restaurant drinking wine  in Paris. Deym. 
another hot model for me to adore :))

Goooo Effort!!

ALL these words were from my previous status updates or conversations with my friends! Soooo sweett <3

FINALLY!! Now I know WHY and WHAT went somewhere and WHICH words went over and under. LOL

Listening to : Trophy Boy by Reese Lansangan (very apt I must say LSS)

             <3: SEXY BRITISH ACCENT... ohmy kill me now!! haha
             =( : time difference argghhh 

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