February 19, 2011

UPLB Feb Fair 2011

Went to Feb Fair with my parents because they wanted to treat Sir Torreta who is my dad's old friend and brother in his org back in UPLB.

We visited Mello's mother first then I went around with Archie.
Ate with my parents and Sir Torreta at Palaisdaan.
Met with Gail and Jen.
Went around.
Went to Epchi's booth to say hello.
Watched CommArts Soc's gay beauty pageant which was just hilarious and brilliant!!
Absolutely enjoyed it!! Thank you Andy, Alex, Tata and everyone!!
Rode the Caterpillar just for fun.
Met with Cayo and Jocks. 
Cayo took me to our hotel where my parents' were waiting.
Thank you Gail, Jen and Cayo! :)

Listening to : Ferris Wheel, Michelle Shaprow

             <3 : Feb Fair
             =( : something something :)

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