February 11, 2011

Retro Romantic

Kamiseta brown cardigan, Naf Naf dress, Brown oxfords from my sister,  Vintage belt, brooches, jewelry from my mother and sister.

My mother loves brooches. She has several of them in her jewelry box which I managed to rummage while she's away. Hehe. She likes diamonds, pearls, silver and gold.

The rings are from my sister while the Swarovski and pearl bracelets are my mother's.

Vintage oxfords from my sister. I love the rugged, used and vintage look.
 There are a lot of vintage pieces in this post. My mother's belt, for example, is actually from the 70s. The brooches have been in my mother's jewelry box since forever and oh god, I'm just in love with these oxfords and their rugged, used look.. I sometimes wish we could all go back to a time where everyone actually dressed up everyday. Back to the 50s to be exact. I adore tight waists, beautiful dresses and the very feminine fashion, hair and make-up of women .

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