February 06, 2011

Lazy Weekends

There are 2 beds. I actually don't like sleeping beside anyone. I just can't, I get annoyed. I need a lot of space on my bed.

when we argue, I usually stay in the toilet and take pictures. I kid. :)

This is me asking him if we could go soon cos I'm hungry. We usually wake up at 11AM, then check mail, fb etc, dress up then eat. You can imagine how cranky we were from hunger.

Even if we're extremely hungry, we still have time to pose. lol

breakfasts at Greenbelt-glorious. look at the view. just calming.

I just love it when noone's around!

by the time we get to our cafe for breakfast, we're extremely cranky from hunger.
after a movie, timezone or a jog at The Fort, we go back to Greenbelt  and have dinner at Cibo or Nan Ban Tei

Then we walk around, shop a little and play the piano

I'm the more serious one.

We stay at Greenbelt until 11PM or go somewhere

We go home, tired. One of the many Christmas Trees in our hotel-condo, Amorsolo Mansion

Mark's already friends with Rob. He's really nice.

I take pictures while Mark chats Mr. Receptionist or gives instruction to our driver.

During elevator "rides" we usually put down each other and I sometimes push him on the wall just for fun. We're kids.

home sweet home. I think it's Criminal Minds, Family Guy, Powerpuff Girls, Facebook, Mc Donalds, talk and then I sleep first while he finishes Powerpuff Girls.
I miss this. I miss these rare lazy Saturdays when we do absolutely nothing and just walk around and talk and talk and talk. Well, he did most of the talking, I did most of the browsing and shopping. Sometimes we check my students' papers in between, walk around The Fort, walk our baby Mello, paint or go to his go-sees, photoshoots, fashion shows etc. Anyhow, the most important thing is, we're together. I think that's what I miss the most.

"I Don't See What Anyone Can See In Anyone Else But You"

Listening to : Anyone Else But You, Juno Soundtrack
             <3 : Lazy Saturdays
             =( : super busy weeks

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