February 15, 2011

It's Their Valentine's Day

Kamiseta brown cardigan, Paisley  dress from Bangkok, Charles & Keith snakeskin peeptoe, Mango clutch, Accessorize necklace 

Dad and Mum. Did mum's make-up here


My sister Margie

A funny shot where mum's sleeping lol

As you can see, we don't eat much, thus we're all kinda fit :)

Dad surprised mum after she did a little grocery. Again, she has very tired eyes. haha

Mum suddenly danced!! She must've been very happy that day.
So Margie's boyfriend is in New Jersey while "the Mark" is in Sydney so... me and my sister decided to treat our parents out on Valentine's Day. Since dad doesn't want me to drive and they just wanted somewhere near, we let them choose the restaurant. 

I originally wanted Vivere but they hated the food there (dapat Job kaw chef nila dati!) and they love Kanin Club so there you go. We went to West Gate early, me and my sis paid the bill then we headed to ATC for coffee. 

My mother did a little grocery while my dad brought flowers and Lindt choco to surprise her. We had coffee at CBTL and watched the aero class. My mother couldn't help it and tried dancing. She was very happy.

When we got home, it was skyping for both me and my sister. We were very happy that our parents had a great time esp my mother who is still a bit unwell. Some people actually asked me out on Vday but I was already set to make Vday special for my mother :)

Listening to : Mushaboom, Feist

             <3 : family
             =( : none really

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