February 01, 2011

Hurrah For January

 Aside from work, here are the things that kept me busy this January. Here's half of my January list.
(from left to right) Goal #1 Fifteen new artworks. #2 Read and finish a book. In this case The Reader. #3 Update my blog. #4.Enroll in make-up and Japanese class. We already started  Jap class. Make-up class will start this Saturday. Soooo excited :D

As you can see, all of my goals this January have been met except one. Go self discipline!

My sketchpad from USyd. I bought this sketchpad from Mark's school so I could doodle while I sat-in during Mark's law lectures. I bought a red one and gave it to my sister.

I drew almost every night to finish my 15 artworks goal. Thank you handy Copic Sketch Markers for reminding me that I needed to use you. hurrah!!

I'm now an enthusiastic student after I've experienced working for money and not for grades. I appreciate studying more.

Couldn't help but doodle :)

My failed kanji hahah
my new-found friends/classmates in Japanese class. I'm actually one of the older ones.

Goal #5 Act again or do a film project. hurrah for UP Fine Arts students! :D

 That's half of my goal this month. Another goal was to start jogging every day or walking Mello which I've been doing. January is a good start. There were no more excuses not to pursue things I've wanted to do. No more slacking, no more procrastination, no more "should haves". After my bestfriend's death this month, it hit me that I should make every second count. I should make every day fruitful, should start moving and should be patient with results. I hope I retain this enthusiasm and self discipline throughout the year, heck throughout my life.

Listening to : Floating On The Moon by Michelle Shaprow
             <3 : FA students
             =( : how people smell after staying under the sun for too long

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