January 01, 2011

She Built Her Own Oasis

People Are People chiffon dress, F21 braided belt, F21 bangles, Mendrez studded sandals

Eiffel! haha

Hide and seek with our lovely puppies <3

my Aunt Cecile's renovated pad. Her sala/reading area and dining table.

found you!

mini coy fountain : Mello doesn't want to play with Eiffel

View from the guest/entertainment area: Her whole place is on top of her own building. Yes, she owns one. It's a sprawl, Mediterranean style. She designed it and built it with her own firm. Such a role model :)

A reading area.


My Aunt Cecile is such a role model for us. She looks great even after having a child and managing her own firm by herself, no partners nor directors. DAMN.

No one would've guessed that an oasis like this existed on top of a building in the middle of the city.  Aunt Cecile recently asked us to have a photoshoot in her newly renovated pad. With the aid of her employees in her architectural firm, she decided it was time for a make-over. And so she gathered the best materials from her own construction supply and revamped her house with a keen eye for detail. Owning an Architectural Firm and Construction Supply  is not easy. Without any partners or directors, my aunt had to manage everything. She had to deal with buyers and employees all by herself. It's no wonder she built her beautiful house on top of her office, she needed to get away and detoxify once in a while. Cleansing the mind in a sanctuary like this is a piece of heaven in her world. She's obsessed with rejuvenation that she built three huge bathrooms in every corner; her bathrooms are bigger than our guest room.

Aunt Cecile reminds me of Jules from Cougar Town. If you have latched on to the dirty little secret wagon called "Cougar Town", then you'll know that Courteney Cox' character Jules is living the fabulous world of 'singledom'  with her son and a couple of young fresh meat for lovers. Oh, need I remind you of the episode where Jules renovated her toilet and decided to live there with a talking japanese toilet bowl? That's my aunt right there (not the talking toilet bowl), a glass of wine in one hand, a phone on the other, curlers buried in her hair whilst devouring chocolate syrup, minus the walking abs around her place. Instead of hunks fixing her kitchen (which I highly doubt there are in this country), she settled for her daughter, two maids, a driver and the recent addition to the family, Eiffel, the adorable shih tzu, as her company. My aunt amuses herself once in a while with spa treatments with girlfriends, out of town/country trips and (oh god) her extensive collection of designer bags and jewelries. A collection which I've started with my shy Pradas and Ferragamos compared to her Chanels and LVs. I shall get there one day. (raises fists up in the sky).

My aunt refused to suffer in a toxic relationship with an irresponsible husband and had moved on to support her daughter in her own sturdy high heels. This is the kind of woman I want to be. As you may have figured, my sister and I see her as a role model. Aunt Cecile is strong, independent, intelligent and funny but I think her most endearing quality is her discerning eye for detail and her impeccable taste.

Listening to : Golden, Late Night Alumni
             <3 : my aunt's pad
             =( : Mark not being able to see this

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