January 05, 2011

Artist of the Day: Ash Reginald Evasco

                 As a fine artist, I am keenly aware of the artistry and skill required for photography, particularly involving people. I have a passion for photography. Yet, it is hard to ignore how photo shoots with models have been recast as the stuff of modern myth and legend. I had never seen a real artist of a photographer in action with a professional model before.

Before seeing Ash Evasco shoot Mark’s portfolio, I wondered: Will it be fast and frantic as it’s presented in those reality shows – a mere bagatelle of plastic consumerism?

We as consumers always see the end product; we see the artistry and the energy. We see the clothes and the poses. We know a good picture from a bad one. We appreciate the picture, but we know little of the process. After watching Ash Evasco’s first photo shoot with Mark, I saw first-hand the process.

Watching Ash at work proves that it’s like watching an artist paint on a canvas.

Ash Reginald Evasco

The photographer is the artist – the model, the lighting, the angles, the space are all colors and tools. Only the best photographers can blend these colors together to create something special – something that moves us through its aesthetic composition and emotional gestures, a picture that evokes a response.

Ash proved to be a masterful perfectionist; the technical and creative aspects of photography masterfully. It was a pleasure to watch him work. He knows exactly what the end product should be. Spaces are confidently transformed into whatever concept he envisioned. It was one of Mark’s first photo shoots for his portfolio in a space strewn with Italian furniture and architectural winks and nods – glass panelling, steel shapes and a broad palette of colors – and Ash’s amiable nature, yet strong direction transformed each set into something special.
BTS of this shoot: Ash, Mark, Me and Raymond.. Sonia went somewhere! aww

Set after set, Ash inspired confidence in Mark. Each shot became fluid and connected, as if a silent rhythm or unheard music were directing their collaborative effort. However, music wasn’t necessary. The energy on set was fluid and palpable, as if someone had sharpened the air.  The space, the lights, and the constant click of the camera were enough to enthral any onlooker, myself included. Ash is among the honored ranks of those photographers that are artists as well.

Project featured in an INTERNATIONAL FASHION MALE MAGAZINE http://www.yvymag.com/2010/09/mark-orosa-ash-reginald-evasco/

Photographer : Ash Reginald Evasco
Asst. Photographer : Raymond Saldaña
Hair/Make Up/Stylist : Sonia Agbayani
Assistant Stylist : Millie Morales
Location : Courtesy of Domani / Anthony Yupangco

You can also visit ASH REGINALD EVASCO'S Photography portfolio at


***All photos are owned and copyrighted by Ash Reginald Evasco(http://ashevascoimagebox.multiply.com/)

2010 All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized use, copy, editing, reproduction, publication, duplication and distribution of the digital photos, without his explicit permission, is punishable by law. Subject to Philippine and International Copyright Conventions on Intellectual Property Rights***

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