January 03, 2011

2011 WILL Do List

The black "dress" is photoshopped. I had to cover whatever is under there because this blog is open to all. I don't want to terrify some strangers. The "uncensored" copy is in my FB account. This was a photoshoot done with my sister.

As I have said in my previous post, "Gotta Have Faith", we must envision what we want and our goals should be embodied in "lists". This is my "2011 WILL Do List". I will only put 10 of the 20 things/plans I have for this year because the other 10 are more personal, and I think more people will be able to relate with this top 10.

1. LEARN MORE. Make-Up: I'm gonna enroll tom :), Language: should practice my Japanese and learn Spanish, Writing Techniques: read and practice. 

2. ART PROJECTS. I vow to do 100 artworks this year so I can finally create my portfolio and have more exhibits.

3. M.A. STUDIES. I'm already eyeing a scholarship program abroad. My mother is very excited and supportive about this so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

4. NEW WORK. I promise to lie low this year and stop going to events, places, etc work and earn more money. This year is going to be quieter than last year.

5. SAVE. I vowed to stop shopping and save a lot for 2012. No more expensive shoes, clothes and bags for now. May God help me.

 6. TRAVEL. Already booked some places thus the new work and more saving hehe :D

I've started a lot of books and never found time to finish them. I especially want to finish Antonia Fraser's "Marie Antoinette, The Journey", a fine biography and well-researched book about the queen and history. I should also finish the Murakami books lying around and Coehlo's.

8. BE HEALTHIER. Everyday I sleep at around 2am. Not cool. This year, I will really try to sleep early and exercise more. I shall keep in mind that walking and shopping around the mall do not count as exercise.

9. BE MORE INDEPENDENT. ’nuff said.

10. HAVE MORE SELF DISCIPLINE. So I can actually do all of these things.

So that's half of my list this year. I hope and pray that I'll be able to accomplish most if not all of them. This is going to be a more subdued year than 2010 but a more exciting one since I'm going to make 2011 my "preparation" year.

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