January 18, 2011

2011 Trends I'm Loving

this is just breathtaking!

can't stop looking at the details!!

shoes to die for haha

my fave. something I would wear anytime


Valentino... so pretty

All pictures from Vogue.com
 Alexander McQueen 2011 Collection and Valentino PFW 2011

I can't take fashion too seriously. It would be the death of me to be honest. Always changing, always spending, always wanting what's "in" or "hot". Every purchase would provide fleeting happiness which I try to stay away from. I am, however, concerned about comfort than anything else. I admit I like to look put-together and is conscious about what I wear but I don't really fuss over whether my belt or shoes match my bag. Sometimes I just like to wear t-shirts, denim shorts and boots, and most of the time, I stick to comfortable pieces like great shoes and compact handbags for weeks. I'm not into branded clothes but if I see something interesting like a dress that fits me well, I would buy it even if it's pricey or thrifted.
Out of boredom, I watched The September Issue again. It's a documentary about Anna Wintour and the fashion industry. The film was well-made and gave a soul  to a superficial world by providing a different perspective to the fashion scene not only as a lifestyle but as a serious business. As a result, I was enticed to visit Vogue.com and fell in love with Alexander McQueen's collection this year. It's the sort of outfits I would wear and to me, they're not just expensive clothes, they're works of art.

Listening to : Ferris Wheel by Michelle Shaprow
             <3 : The September Issue
             =( : Expensive clothing

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