January 23, 2011

15 Things I Love and Make Me Happy

1. Sydney
 I dunno why but I really like that the beach is just 5 minutes away from your house and the laidback atmosphere. The Opera House is a really nice place to hang out at 10PM or jog at 6PM, oh and for watching plays lol. 

2. Anne Rice : Cry To Heaven, Interview With The Vampire, The Vampire Armand
 Just to make it clear, before the whole Twilight shit, I was already in love with the vampire genre. I had the old covers of Anne Rice' books. This pic is not mine but it's the same collection with the same covers. I never read Twilight to be honest, and never want to. I like my vampires elegant and well-written.

  3. Playing the piano
I'm not good at it or anything. I just like playing classical music etc.

4. Floral dresses
I think I have over a hundred of them. I'm not kidding. We went to Bangkok 2 years ago and my god, it was just sale everywhere. There were TONS of cheap dresses so I brought back a lot. I saw a lot of pinoy retailers there. Now I know where they're getting their dresses. I really don't mind if a floral dress is thrifted or expensive. If I like it and the fit is good, I'll buy it.

5.Wearing costumes
Cosplays. Cosplays. I'm not an avid fan but I love dressing up once in a while. My sister brought several wigs and costumes so it's a waste not to use them. There's something about dressing up that's liberating.

6.  Anime : Neon Genesis Evangelion and Fruits Basket
They relax me. I dive into their world and be gone for hours.

7.Walking Mello and Mello himself
As I always say: unconditional love here. Good exercise too.

8.Scanlations, graphic novels, manga etc. 
What can I say? I'm a nerd. My fave author/manga-ka is KAORI YUKI who did Angel Sanctuary, Count Cain, Boy's Next Door and one of my faves, Ludwig Kakumei. She basically influenced my style.


9.  Rock Gigs
I love sitting down in a bar, cafe etc and just listen, stare and just absorb good music. I don't like huge concerts. I like my gigs, small, private and intimate.

10. The Big Bang Theory
They amuse me because I'm a nerd as well and I find them cute. I would honestly date Raj. I think he's brown, sweet and exotic. lol. Sometimes, I play the whole seasons as my background instead of music while surfing the net or fixing my room like a radio drama :)

11. Painting
Drawing and painting are my hobbies. I draw during lectures on papers, handouts, tissue papers and human skin.

12. Waking up on my bed from a good sleep 
It's always nice waking up on your own bed. Sometimes, I stay there the whole day. I just can't seem to do anything when my comforter is around me.

13. UPLB 
 Is it because it's a"university village"where your friends and boyfriend are just a block away? Is it because everything's accessible from cafes to "malls"? Is it because it's the first place where I felt independent for having my own place, managing my own expenses and whatnot? Is it because you could jog around Freedom Park or hang around your friend's place till morning after classes? I dunno. But I'll always always go back to UPLB to relax and relieve happy times.

14. Beaches
I don't think I have to explain this. I love traveling and I love the chilled beach vibe.
bondi beach, sydney

balmoral beach, sydney

puerto galera





Virgin Island

15.Comfortable spaces like these

Amorsolo Mansions, Makati

Balmoral beach, Sydney

I will keep this post to remind me of happiness wherever I am :)

Listening to : Feel Good Inc by Skye
             <3 : Japanese and make-up lessons
             =( : headache

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